What Makes Dark and Sheer Curtains a Good Combination?

February 14, 2019

Dark and sheer curtains can be an attractive window treatment, especially in rooms that get plenty of daylight through their windows, including direct sunlight. Single, unlined sheer curtains in a dark colour light up in direct sunlight, giving your room a subdued, soft and pleasing ambiance.

The darkness of the curtain fabric filters out the harshness of the sun’s glare as the natural outdoor light enlivens the curtain colour, highlighting the lighter hues of the dark fabric’s undertones. When you have double curtains at your windows, with sheer fabric of a light colour bordered by darker, heavier curtains, the visual effect is also quite pleasing.

Qualities that Make Dark and Sheer Curtains a Good Combination

The following qualities and effects make dark and sheer curtains an attractive and pleasing combination as window dressings:

• Attraction of Opposites Combined. – The visual attraction of opposites is strong and pleasant in this combination of dark-light and opaque-sheer fabrics. A dark, sheer curtain fabric has both qualities, which mix without conflict to please the viewer as lightness filters through the dark colour to form a new and ever-changing hue according to the direction and intensity of natural light entering your windows through the curtains. The room’s light and overall atmosphere are softened, yet the space retains enough brightness to energize and enliven the entire room’s interior.

• Balance of Different Textures and Hues.
– When sheer curtains in a light colour are bordered by darker, opaque curtain fabric of a heavier weight and texture, this contrast is also attractive and comfortable. When framed by the darker, more dynamic fabric, the light, see-through curtains come alive to shimmer and glow under the direct sun-rays through the window glass. The resulting effect is similar to the vitalizing feeling you experience when first opening a window or door on a fresh springtime morning. This combination of very different curtain fabrics can also give a room more dimensional definition and style that can enhance many different types of decor.

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Whether you favor a single sheer curtain fabric in a dark colour or a combination of dark, opaque and sheer, light curtain fabrics to adorn your windows, our window treatment pros will help you select the ideal stunning new window dressings.

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