What are E-Screen Blinds and Their Benefits?

April 13, 2021

E-Screen blinds have patented designs and technology that makes them highly effective for reducing energy costs. Their structure provides these advanced window coverings with extra reflective capacities for blocking natural sunlight from entering a home or office interiors.

These blinds are made with fabric that cuts glare without blocking your view from a window. They also reduce the heat that can otherwise enter the rooms of your home through the windows during hot, sunny days. These modern window treatments can greatly improve the comfort of living and working environments.

Major Benefits of Installing E-Blinds on Your Windows

Primary advantages of choosing to install E-Blinds on your home or office windows include the following:

  • Reduced Energy Costs. With E-Blinds installed on your windows, your home or business energy costs will be significantly reduced. During hot summer weather, heat will be blocked from entering your windows, cutting down on the amount of air conditioning you will need for comfortable use of your rooms.

If your home or office has a central heating and cooling system, you can keep the cooling output on a low setting, even on extremely hot days. During colder weather, these blinds will prevent harsh, cold air from entering your home if there are small cracks in the wall insulation surrounding your windows. Even in winter, you will need these blinds to cut the glare on bright sunny days.

  • Eco-Friendly Design. These blinds are made of 36 percent fibreglass and 64 percent vinyl, and they are noted for their high fire safety classification. They are resistant to bacterial and fungal build-up, and their construction is lead-free. These advanced design window treatments are green product designs that are completely safe for use and fully eco-friendly in composition.
  • Health Benefits. These blinds offer multiple health benefits to users. Especially in office settings, they reduce employee eye strain by blocking harsh sun rays from entering windows. By preventing heat and UV rays from the sun from entering windows, these blinds also offer health benefits to home dwellers and office workers.

Since they do not obstruct the view from a window, E-Blinds preserve the pleasant quality of being able to observe and connect with the outside world while you are busy with tasks at home or in your workplace.

By consulting our E-Blinds specialists at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Victoria, you can obtain excellent advice and installation services for attractive and highly beneficial blinds. Our experts will ensure that your new blinds will provide you with many health benefits and cost savings throughout the year.

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