What are Austrian Blinds?

October 21, 2020

Window treatment options are abundant. And most of the time, these options are personally picked by property owners with some recommendations from experts. Most window treatment options utilise window coverings that are intended to complement the surrounding theme and style. Additionally, these window coverings can regulate the amount of natural light that comes in a specific room or area. Other elements that these things cover include temperature, sound, and so on.

Numerous types of curtains, drapes, and blinds have been continuously produced in the window covering market right now to provide appealing and functional window treatment options. But one option that has been standing out among more and more homeowners is the integration of Austrian blinds. Austrian blinds boast a lot of features and qualities that make them popular over the years.

Main Characteristics of Austrian Blinds

Austrian blinds may possess a traditional look, but they can truly blend in well with home properties that boast modern appearance and design. They can even make a room look romantic and ornamental.

This type of window covering can be raised and pulled up from the bottom to the top by pulling a cord that is attached at the back. But once they are lowered back down, Austrian blinds can fully flaunt their lightweight curtain fabrics that typically form a scalloped pattern. One great thing about this window covering is that they are folded from the bottom, which makes their upper part look smooth and seamless.

This type of window covering is recommended for properties that are concerned by the damages of heat and ultraviolet (UV) light. Austrian blinds can withstand these mentioned elements and prevent them from entering the property. Aside from this commendable resistance, Austrian blinds are durable enough to not warp in the long run as they are comprised of a hardwood headboard. As for natural lighting, this type of window covering can easily allow light to come in since it is typically fitted above the architrave.

Customising and Using Austrian Blinds

Austrian blinds may come in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and styles. And for their fabrics, this type of window covering may possess either a thin or thick curtain fabric that can be made from watered silk, tight silk, satin, or hard cotton. Another customisation option for Austrian blinds is the distance between their folds. This specific element can effectively change the way these window coverings are designed.

Given the overall appearance of Austrian blinds, they can easily suit period homes. However, modern homes can also utilise these window coverings as they can work and look similar to a normal curtain. Three areas that can fully maximise the features and characteristics of Austrian blinds are living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

If you want to have your own Austrian blinds for your property, feel free to contact us at Imaj Curtains and Blinds Pty Ltd. We have been professional tailors for 20 years. We have a wide range and variety of products that have been designed to cater to our customers’ needs. With excellent quality and service, we believe that we have what it takes to satisfy your expectations.


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