What are Austrian Blinds and their Benefits for Your Home?

March 26, 2021

Traditional Austrian blinds are made of ornate, elegant fabric that opens by folding from the bottom upward. The upper section of the fabric remains smooth as they fold, similar to how Roman blinds open. These luxurious window treatments lend a romantic, decorative atmosphere to any room.

The fabric of these blinds is mounted on a lifting structure or mechanism, and the blinds are raised and lowered using a decorative chain. They can be partially opened or closed to any desired height to control the amount of outdoor lighting entering your window. These blinds are never raised completely since this would interfere with their typically elaborate draped fabric overlay or valence effect near the top.

Although this complex and beautiful style of blinds is often categorised as traditional, antique or vintage decor, it is constantly in demand. Even in the most contemporary home interiors today, sleek, slim-lined minimalist furnishings are enhanced by grand, decorative Austrian blinds. Many homeowners who perform DIY interior makeovers are amazed at the high-fashion effects achieved by combining contemporary-chic styles with the distinctive ornate grandeur of Austrian blinds.

Primary Qualities and Benefits of Austrian Blinds for Your Home

Major qualities, features and benefits of installing Austrian blinds in your living room, den, dining room or bedroom include the following:

  • Lightweight Decorative Fabrics. Traditional style Austrian blinds are made of organza, tulle, silk or satin. Modernised designs may be produced from light linen, cotton or cotton blends. Although these fabrics are lightweight and easily raised and lowered with a steady pull of their operating cord or chain, their ornate design gives them a heavier appearance.

They fold open to form scalloped designs bordering and above the window. Some interior designers like to install these intriguing blinds on one window in a room as a major focal point and accent to enhance the overall decor.

  • Warp-Resistant Hardwood Structures. Austrian blinds are designed with a sturdy under-structure for folding and a hardwood headboard at the top. This durable design helps to prevent them from hanging and folding unevenly, creating an unbalanced appearance.

With a strong working frame as a foundation, these durable yet elaborate and stylish blinds can operate for years without the need for repairs. Although homeowners may choose to replace the fabrics to complement decor updates, the reliable blinds’ operating structure will outlast multiple interior makeovers.

  • Full Protection from Bright Sunlight. Because of their elaborate folds of layered fabric, even when sightly raised, these blinds provide excellent protection from the glare of bright sunlight. They can also shield you and your furniture from the damage caused by exposure to ultraviolet light.

These attractive Austrian blinds fabrics are protected from strong sunbeams to some degree as well by their scalloped designs and folding action. Whether their fabrics are in solid colours or detailed patterns, they can resist fading due to their unique design.

Our experienced professionals at Imaj Curtains and Blinds in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, can provide you with excellent advice, fabrics, designs and installation services for stunning Austrian blinds. They will guide you in selecting the perfect styles to decorate your windows and enhance your home’s decor with fine fashion, glamour and grandeur.


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