Tips on How to Properly Take Care of Your Plantation Shutters

January 28, 2021

Plantation shutters are solid window coverings that often come with wide louvres. These window coverings are normally fitted to the window frames and can be opened out like doors. Most plantation shutters are utilised in dining rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens. Some materials that are often used in creating plantation shutters are wood and vinyl.

These solid window coverings can offer tons of benefits to homeowners. For one, they are known to be effective in protecting the property against too much heat or cold. These shutters can also provide privacy and security that other window coverings cannot provide. They can likewise be cleaned and maintained easily due to the durability of their overall composition.

While these window coverings can last for a long time, they must still be maintained regularly. Some tips on how to properly take care of different types of plantation shutters are as follows.

Wood Plantation Shutters

Wood plantation shutters are normally used by homeowners due to their high-quality finish and great appearance. In preserving this type of plantation shutters, you must clean it by wiping a dust cloth sprayed with wood polish. You must likewise dust these plantation shutters properly so that any accumulation of particles will be removed easily. In case of dust or dirt build-up on small grooves or crevices of the shutters, you must wipe them out with a toothbrush that is sprayed with spray polish. Do not ever use water in cleaning these plantation shutters if you do not want them to deteriorate.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

In cleaning vinyl plantation shutters, you must ensure that they are dusted at least once a week. The dusting of these shutters can be done through the soft brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner hose. To remove dust, you must tilt the slats up and vacuum them thoroughly. Subsequently, you must turn the slats down and vacuum them. The tops and bottoms of the shutters must also be vacuumed entirely.

Aside from dusting, vinyl plantation shutters must also be cleaned properly. You may want to maximise soap and water when it comes to cleaning these window coverings. To create a cleaning solution for your vinyl plantation shutters, you must combine warm water and mild dish soap in a bucket. Afterwards, you may dampen a soft cloth in your cleaning solution and wipe the shutters entirely. Then, dampen a cloth with just plain water and remove any soap residue on your shutters. A toothbrush can be used in removing dirt and other particles that may have accumulated on hard-to-reach areas. A towel must be used in drying the shutters to prevent spotting.

General Operation Tips

When it comes to opening and closing the slats of the plantation shutters, the rod must be twisted carefully. And if you decide to open the shutters all the way out to the side, you must make sure that will not hit against the wall so that both the shutters and the wall cannot obtain damages. Another general tip in handling plantation shutters is to check the documentation that is included with them. Consulting the manufacturer of the shutters is also a great way of determining how they must be operated.

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