Tips on How to Hang Your Curtains in Style

May 27, 2020

The presence of curtains alongside our windows helps us gain certain benefits. For one, curtains add visual appeal to our rooms since they feature great colours and designs. Additionally, curtains are capable of controlling temperature and light of the room. These accessories also provide us privacy and dust protection, especially if they are fully closed.

All the benefits and features of curtains can only be felt if you hang them correctly and appropriately. After all, a great window treatment must incorporate the design and elements of both your windows and your curtains. To help you out, here are some great tips and guidelines that you can do when hanging your curtains.

Hang the Curtains High

One important rule for eye-catching window treatments is the hanging of curtains at a high level. When you hang your curtains at a high level, you are guaranteed to have a room that looks luxurious and elegant because of the illusion of extra height. The elevated position of your curtains can also make your window appear taller. For best results, you must position your curtain rod around 4 to 6 inches above the window frame so that your curtains can cover the appropriate window space.

Extend the Curtain Rod

Aside from the height of your curtains, you must ensure that your curtain rod is extended beyond the width of your window. When installing the curtain rod, you must extend the pole for at least inches beyond each side of your window frame. Extending your curtain rod gives you an illusion of a large window, allows more sunlight into your room, prevents shadows on the sides of the windows, and adds visual appeal by revealing more of the window glass instead of a cramped curtain.

Add Some Shade Elements

When your windows look tall, you are assured of a window space that is appealing to anyone’s eyes. Once your curtains are hanging high, you can provide more height illusion for your windows by installing some shade elements. For added shade, you must hang a pole at least twelve inches above your window frame and subsequently place a bamboo or roman shade under it. These windows treatments can add weight to your large blank wall space near your windows.

Consider Curtain Condition

Your hanging curtain must allow around 0.5 inches above the floor. This specific distance from the floor allows you to mop and clean the floor while creating the illusion of a curtain that is touching the floor. However, if you are confident that they will not be dragged and get dirty, then you can allow your curtains to just fall to the floor. Just remember to press or steam your curtains regularly so that any folds or wrinkles will not bother you anytime soon.

Choose the Correct Fabric

The fabric of your curtains must complement well with your existing windows and your preference. If you are planning on closing your curtains occasionally, then your curtains must be between two and two and a half times the width of your window. As for the appearance of your curtains, you must use lighter blends if you want causal and filter light. Denser fabrics, on the other hand, are recommended for those who want to gain more privacy.

Hanging your curtains according to these tips will certainly help you obtain windows that look more stylish than ever before. If you need professional help in installing curtains, then contact us now at Imaj Curtains and Blinds.

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