Tips on How to Choose the Right Kitchen Window Treatment

September 5, 2019

Your kitchen is often the central gathering place in your home throughout the day and well into the night. With the busy and ever-changing daily schedules of everyone in your household, family members meet frequently in the kitchen to enjoy a quick snack, meal or beverage before hurrying off to work, school, sports practice or music and dance lessons.

This is the room where everyone can meet and relax for a few minutes or longer while enjoying good food, conversation and relaxation. When your kitchen window treatments are attractive, colourful, innovative designs, they brighten and enliven the entire room’s decor while contributing to the welcoming ambiance of this popular room in your home.

Selecting the Ideal Attractive and Practical Window Treatments for Your Kitchen

There is a wide array of highly fashionable and functional window treatments now available to enhance your home kitchen decor, including the following:

• Faux Wooden Blinds and Shutters. These durable, practical window coverings for kitchens are resistant to water and food stains, grease and grime. They can be easily cleaned with a soft damp cloth and a mild cleaning agent. With installation of these PVC (polyvinyl chloride, or vinyl) blinds or shutters, you can bring the look of natural wood indoors, giving your kitchen interior the warmth and beauty of real wood grains and hues.

• Woven Wood Blinds. These appealing kitchen window coverings offer a pleasing air of casual elegance to the room. Woven from bamboo, reeds, jute and durable dried grass, these blinds soften the hard surfaces of your benchtop, flooring, splashback and walls. They can brighten and energise kitchen interiors that have neutral colour schemes or add subdued sophistication to interiors displaying bright palettes or flashy, fun accents.

• Sheer Roller Shades. These light, translucent window shades in the colour or pattern of your choice will admit more natural light for a cheerful daytime interior. You can also enjoy preparing foods while viewing the natural scene outside your kitchen windows. These fabric, natural fiber of vinyl shades fit smoothly inside your window frame and are easy to roll up to uncover your window or roll down to cover it.

• Roman Blinds. These fashionable window treatments offer a contemporary, soft touch for your kitchen decor. Designed with either the classic pleated fold or the soft fold, these blinds are easy to raise and lower. Blinds with the classic pleated fold have fabric panels that fold over one another as your raise your blinds. Styles with the soft fold provide a supple, full drapery effect. The fabric folds elegantly and neatly as your shade is raised and falls smoothly into place when it is lowered.

• Cellular Shades. These shades are known for their energy efficiency and their many varied colour choices. Their honeycomb design holds air in front of your window and helps prevent heat loss during winter and loss of cool air in your kitchen during summer. The natural and synthetic fabrics of these shades also offer UV protection.

• Solar Shades. These sun-blocking shades are available in translucent, transparent and semi-opaque fabrics and as smooth solar screens. They shield your kitchen from sun-glare and harmful UV rays. Designs are available with opening capacity of from 3 to 14 percent for natural light admittance to your room. They offer a smooth, streamlined look to your kitchen decor.

By consulting the window treatment professionals at Imaj Curtains and Blinds in Campbellfield, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice along with window blinds, shutters and shades designs and full installation services to brighten and enhance your home kitchen decor.

Our experts offer customised window treatment designs to meet your specific preferences and needs for attractive and practical kitchen window furnishings. Our top quality team will ensure that you select the best designs and materials in highly contemporary blinds, shutters and shades to give your kitchen windows and the entire room a highly attractive, refreshing and inviting update.

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