Things to Consider When Choosing Patterned and Coloured Window Curtains for Your Living Room

January 15, 2019

Many homeowners today make their furniture and accessory selections based on definite personal preferences and favourite colour schemes. Once furniture timbre, composites, fabrics, patterns and colours are chosen for the dominant items in a room, it often becomes easier to select complementary items for a room interior. However, some people find it difficult to choose ideal colours and designs for window curtains to complete the overall decor. Another problem that some homeowners and renters have difficulty solving is what type of curtain patterns and hues to use in a room that features sleek, contemporary decor in black, white or neutral colours.

Major Points to Consider When Selecting Window Curtains in Patterns and Colours for Your Living Room

Some basic points to consider when you are choosing patterned and coloured window curtains for your living room include the following:

• Let Large Decor Items Dominate. – After purchasing your large, primary items of living room furniture and accessories, choose curtain patterns and hues that repeat, emphasize or suggest the colours and fabrics, timbre or fabricated materials of these main items of decor. Your curtain fabrics should contain colour combinations and designs that are less powerful visually than those used in your large room furnishings.

• Select Curtain Patterns and Colours to Emphasize Decor Themes. – If the main theme and of your living room decor is Mediterranean, French Country or Modern Minimalist in style, you want to choose curtains that emphasize and complement the theme. Whether your curtain choice is light, neutral linen or silk, richly hued cotton in small, attractive patterns or abstract painterly colour patterns on loosely woven canvas material, as long as they emphasize the core of your room’s interior design theme, they will add a very pleasing sensibility and creative touch.

• Choose Dynamic or Subtle Curtain Designs for Monochrome Colour Palettes. – By pairing either dynamically or subtly coloured and patterned curtains with your monochromatic living room decor, you can gain a winning score in home living room design. When your room’s palette is predominantly black, white or a neutral shade, the overall decor can be very pleasing when accented by curtains with either strong, dynamic hues and designs or soft, subtle colours and patterns.

When you consult the experienced professionals of Imaj Curtains and Blinds in Campbellfield, Victoria, you will benefit from expert advice concerning ideal choices of patterns and colours for curtains to complete your living room decor. Our window treatment pros will guide you to selecting the very best curtain styles, fabrics and colours to complement and enhance your overall room decor, creating the ultimate living room of your dreams.

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