The Importance of Custom-made Curtains that Match Your Windows’ Specifications

October 10, 2019

Common windows have standard sizes and it’s really not difficult to find ready-made curtains for standard window types. But what if your windows are not typical? How do you resolve this kind of situation and still have beautiful window curtains?

Custom-made window curtains are the best and most reliable solutions to any size and type of window. Imaj Curtains and Blinds Pty Ltd offers a wide range and variety of products that have been designed to cater to customers’ needs and curtains are handmade with utmost care and with the highest Australian quality standards.

Opt for Custom-made Curtains

Whether you have standard sized or uniquely formed windows, it is always beneficial to have your window treatments customised. When you’re opting to install custom-made curtains for your home, you’ll have to keep in mind the most basic requirements and what you need to do.

First and foremost, it is important to take time to measure your windows correctly because this is essential to the success of your design and the overall functionality of your windows.To measure for curtains, you need to decide how much of the window you want to cover – in general, curtains and drapes usually hang several inches above and to either side of the window frame. You’ll also have to decide whether you’d like your curtains to fall to the windowsill, below it, or to drape on the floor.

Choose your Curtain Fabric

While we think of window curtains as a decoration, it is also important to consider their actual purpose. You have to consider your window curtains’ functional purposes in terms of light control, noise control, and insulation. These things must all be put into consideration when choosing the right kind of fabric for your window curtains. Take time to collect, and mix and match various swatches so you can eliminate what don’t like and keep the ones that you like. Whatever kind of fabric you choose, will have an impact to your customised window curtains’ finished look and how it will hold up over time.

Choose your Colour and Style

The colour and curtain style that you choose should be in harmony with the style of your windows and your home’s overall theme. You’ll need to consider that every room in your house will have different forms and windows can vary. It is important to consider colours and layers, and which room will match with your chosen colour and style.

Other factors to consider when opting for custom-made curtains will also include the type of hanging systems you have, whether pole/rod type or curtain tracks. Also consider the different types of pleats available like pencil, pinch, gathered, goblet and French. All options considered, it is vital to choose only the best curtain supplier that will cater to all your window curtain needs that will match the size of your windows.

By consulting the expert window treatment designers of Imaj Curtains and Blinds in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you can obtain highly attractive new curtain designs in fine quality fabrics, colours, patterns, and textures for a fresh new look for your home decor. Our experienced professionals will also create customised curtain designs in the latest fabrics and styles to enhance and renew all of the rooms in your home.

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