The Differences between Curtain Rods and Curtain Tracks

September 20, 2019

Although they are both designed and produced to support curtains as stylish and practical window treatments, curtain rods and curtain tracks are very different. Curtain rods are visible and often have decorative features, while curtain tracks are meant to be virtually invisible. Many people select one or the other design for hanging window curtains according to the visual effect desired in a room interior. If you like the decorative elements of curtain rod styles, these rods may be the best choice for hanging your curtains. However, if you favour the practical technology offered by curtain tracks that allow simple, easy opening and closing of your window treatments, these tracks will most likely be your preference.

Comparing the Different Styles and Features of Curtain Rods and Curtain Tracks

When comparing the differences in the styles and features of curtain rods and tracks for hanging your window dressings, you will discover the following major contrasts:

• Rod or Track Length. Curtain tracks are produced with different load ratings that are included on their package printing. Unless you use tracks to install heavy curtains with weight that exceeds the limits listed for the tracks that you select, no problems with track overloading should occur. However, most rods are designed to support curtains across short to moderate distances. If you use a longer curtain rod for hanging curtains across a wider window, more brackets may be needed to support the rod. This can interfere with smooth gliding of your curtains to adjust their position for light control or privacy.

• Wall Position of Rod or Track. When you hang window curtains on a rod, there is commonly a gap between the top curtain edge and the rod. This gap can admit annoying light or sun-glare at certain hours of the day. To correct this issue, your curtain rod must be secured at a point significantly higher than the top of your window. In contrast, curtain tracks are meant to virtually disappear when installed, blending against the wall or completely hidden behind your curtain, valance or pelmet. The track placement does not need to be as high as the required height of a curtain rod to function well and prevent gaps that admit outdoor light.

• Ease of Curtain Adjustment. Curtains installed with corded tracks open and close with ease. These tracks are very helpful for adjusting curtains on very tall windows or curtains made of heavy fabric, which can bunch and jam when moved with pull-cords attached to rod-hung curtains. Even if your curtains are composed of delicate fabric, a non-corded track offers smoother manual curtain adjustment than curtain rods can provide.

By consulting our window treatment and accessories experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice for use of curtain rods or curtain tracks when hanging curtains at the windows in your home. Our experienced staff will also help you decide on the ideal rod or track designs for installing your attractive window curtains throughout the rooms of your home.

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