The Benefits of Using Vertical Blinds for Tall Windows

June 17, 2019

Vertical blinds installed on tall windows in your living room at home or in your office reception area are attractive window furnishings that align with your overall room decor. Since tall windows are usually present in rooms with high ceilings, vertical blinds will accentuate the height of your windows and ceilings. This creates a sense of unity in your overall room design and decor. These blinds are easy to operate by hand with a control cord or by remote control if installed with an overhead track system. They glide easily in a horizontal motion to leave your windows completely free of a covering, and they move just as smoothly back into place as an attractive and versatile modern window cover and treatment.

Major Benefits of Selecting Vertical Blinds for Installation on Tall Windows

When you select attractive and practical vertical blinds for installation on the tall windows of your home or office today, you will gain major benefits such as the following:

• Enjoying Full Benefits of Tall Windows.
– A primary advantage provided by tall windows in any room of your home or commercial offices is that you have the wonderful advantage of basking in the beautiful natural light admitted to your room by these tall expanses of window space. By installing vertical blinds as window furnishings for these windows, only when your blinds are tightly closed will the full amount of this light from outside be blocked from entering your room interior. Whenever your vertical blinds are open to any degree, some natural light will enter the room from the bottom to the distant top of each window. If you move your blinds back to the fully opened position, which clears you window completely, you will benefit from full admittance of glorious healthy sunlight through your tall windows.

• Emphasising Vertical Window Design. – Vertical blinds placed on tall windows will emphasise and enhance the vertical expanse of your windows and the room’s high ceilings. This enhancement can benefit the overall interior design of rooms while making your room interiors look and feel larger and more open. Especially since many modern buildings have rooms with lower ceilings, the major design trend is to create a sense of more horizontal space to compensate for the reduced height of room interiors. If you are fortunate to live or work in a building environment featuring high ceilings and tall windows, take advantage of this opportunity to accentuate your high-reaching windows by installing tall vertical blinds that will complement your windows and room designs.

• Providing Ultimate Visibility.– Tall windows provide your room interiors with ultimate visibility of the exterior scene and activity outside your windows. When vertical blinds are installed on these windows, this high degree of visibility is preserved until you decide to close your blinds tightly to block exterior light or for privacy in your home or office interiors. Even if you only open your blinds slightly, soft light from out-of-doors will enter your room from the bottom to the very top of your windows. You can also still view the full vertical expanse of the scene outside through the tall, opened slats of your blinds.

By consulting the window treatment experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Victoria, you will benefit from excellent advice, vertical blinds designs and full installation services for furnishing your tall home or office windows with vertical blinds. Our leading professionals will use their expertise to assist you in selecting the ideal materials and styles in fashionable and functional vertical blinds to complement all aspects of each room’s interior decor. Our pros will also guide you to choosing vertical blinds that will provide you with full enjoyment and use of the entire vertical expanse and advantages of your tall windows.

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