Reduce Noise Pollution by Installing Plantation Shutters

November 4, 2019

No one is spared from outside distraction and noise pollution. You might be in the middle of a Eureka moment when all of a sudden your train of thought gets interrupted by a surprising sound from the outside. Or you might just be meditating, praying and enjoying your peace and quiet when you instantly hear a banging somewhere. Whether you are at work or home, you are susceptible to noises that can compromise your focus and concentration. Lucky for you, there are innovations that can lessen and eliminate those disturbances for your benefit.

Plantation shutters are shutters with tilted wooden louvers that have large slats similar to the slats on blinds. However, unlike blinds, plantation shutters are closely fitted into the recesses of the window frame – thus enabling them to be opened out like doors rather than being pulled open with a string. Its name originated from the Southern American states where it first gained its popularity. Due to the extreme temperatures in this area, it was initially used for insulation. However, its prevalence led to finding out that it can reduce noise pollution.

Prevents Noise Entry

While heavy curtains can muffle external noise, plantation shutters prevents these noise from entering the room at all. Since it fits right into the frames of the window, there are no gaps left for noise to emanate. May it be wood, vinyl, or aluminium plantation shutters, they all function the same way. However, aluminium plantation shutters might be your best bet because it can provide a better barrier against noise pollution as compared to its counterparts.


Plantation shutters work both ways, meaning it can prevent the entry of outside noise and can soundproof the noise created inside. You can have a great deal of privacy since it is guaranteed to shut out the noise generated indoors for your own benefit. You will save yourself the trouble of worrying about nosy neighbours who are most likely listening to your conversations. And you can also prevent passersby from overhearing what goes on inside your house.

Peaceful Rest

Since the plantation shutters have extra layers of sound protection, you will instantly notice that you now have a quieter and more peaceful place conducive for sleep, rest, relaxation and general comfort. Plantation shutters have thick and durable louvers. These materials reflect and absorb noise. Plantation shutters also have frames that form a tight seal against your window, thus significantly reducing the overall noise levels in your home.  Plus it could help insulate the inside of your home from outside noise.

Plantation shutters are really the next big thing in terms of reducing noise pollution in your home. So if you want to experience the abovementioned benefits, avail them from Imaj Curtains and Blinds. We are known to only use the highest quality materials for our products. We acquire these materials from only the most reputable of suppliers so that we can offer our customers a wide range and variety of products that will meet their needs and preferences.

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