Reasons that Make Custom Made Curtains an Excellent Option for Living Rooms

July 23, 2021

Customised curtains can be an excellent option for living room window treatments. When you select the fabric and design for your specially made curtains, your vision of your window decor will become reality. You, your family and everyone who enters your home can enjoy your own unique choice for enhancing your windows and room interior.

Your home’s living room should display your specific preferences in stylish decor. In a sense, this room is the major showplace of your home, so why not own its unique creative statement? Your living room curtains are just as important as all of the other elements of the room’s design and decor.

Why Custom-Made Curtains Are an Ideal Choice for Your Living Room

Custom-made curtains are an excellent option for your living room windows for multiple reasons, including the following:

  • Admit Natural Light. When you select the fabric types and weights for your living room window curtains, you can control the room’s natural lighting. If you and your household members like plenty of bright, cheerful daylight streaming through the windows, you may select sheer curtains in pastels or light patterns. These fabrics give a pleasing open, airy appearance to your windows. 
  • Block Glaring Sunlight. By choosing thicker, opaque curtain fabrics, you can block hot, glaring sunlight from entering your room during the day. Especially when you install an auto-track system with remote control for opening and closing the curtains, you can easily regulate the amount of bright natural light entering your living room. 
  • Best of Both Options. If you want to enjoy energizing sunbeams during part of your day, but block the brightest sunlight during midday and early afternoon, opt for both of the above choices. 

By installing sheer curtains on your windows bordered by heavier, opaque side curtains that can be drawn in front of the sheer ones, you can easily control the natural lighting. Another option is to install Venetian or roller blinds behind your sheer curtains to block bright light or enjoy privacy when desired. 

  • Auto-Controlled Curtains. If you want to enjoy attractive, patterned or solid-colour curtains in heavier cottons, cotton blends, linen or synthetics, consider installing auto-controlled curtains. Operating on tracks, these curtains are simple to open fully, open partially or to close completely with a single touch of your remote control. 

They enable you to admit the degree of outdoor light that you desire during any hour of the day. They also offer total privacy as needed. The many choices in colours and patterns in these curtain fabrics also allow you to use your creative design talents to achieve your favourite window treatment effects. 

By consulting our experienced professionals at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Victoria, you can obtain excellent advice concerning selecting custom-made curtains for your living room. Our team will discuss the features and benefits of different attractive curtain designs and materials with you. 

Our experts will guide you in choosing the ideal curtain fabrics, colours, patterns and styles to dress your windows with the ultimate practical yet highly stylish curtains with pleasing fashion and flair.

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