Provide Your Home’s Interior with a Fresher Look with Custom-made Curtains

August 6, 2019

By selecting fresh designs in custom-made curtains for the windows of your home, you will enliven your room interiors with a vitalising new look and atmosphere. When you consult window treatment experts at companies that design and produce their own innovative curtains styles in highest quality fabrics, you are assured of selecting fine, durable curtains. Your fashionable new curtains will wear well and retain their attractive appearance while providing excellent coverage for all the windows of your home.

Major Benefits of Installing New Styles in Customised Curtains for Your Home Interiors

By choosing unique, appealing custom designs in the latest curtain fabrics, colour choices and patterns, you can restyle and enhance the interior decor of your home in the following ways:

• Brighten Room Colour Schemes. With new curtains made of attractive fabric choices in fresh, innovative colour tones and patterns installed on the windows of your home interiors, the entire colour scheme of each room will be brightened. As existing upholstery fabric, rugs, wall hangings and wall paint are enlivened by these vibrant new curtain designs, the overall room interior will glow with the reflected, energizing ambiance of creative renewal.

• Create Pleasing Stylistic Contrasts. Your choice of new window curtains can also form dynamic or subtle stylistic contrasts with your existing room decor. Opaque curtains in richly textured, darker colour patterns can lend a sense of stability and volume to a room furnished with lightweight, causal furnishings in white, gray or other neutral shades. If you want to create a lighter, more open feeling in a room with darker, heavier furniture and accessories, you can accomplish this by selecting new sheer or translucent curtain fabrics in neutral, airy textures and hues.

• Support Smooth Spatial Transitions. By choosing curtain fabric designs that act as connecting colour and style elements for windows in hallways between rooms with very different decor styles in your home, you can help ensure smooth spatial transitions. For instance, your children’s playroom may be decorated with brightly coloured, geometric style furniture and bold curtain patterns in dynamic primary colours. To create a smooth visual transition in the short hallway leading to your more sedate, calm home office with stylish, carved wood furnishings and neutral-toned decor, you can hang hallway curtains in lightweight, gentle abstract designs and hues that soften the strong contrast between the two room designs.

By consulting the expert window treatment designers of Imaj Curtains and Blinds in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you can obtain highly attractive new curtain designs in fine quality fabrics, colours, patterns, and textures for a fresh new look for your home decor. Our experienced professionals will also create customised curtain designs in the latest fabrics and styles to enhance and renew all of the rooms in your home.

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