Prepare Your Home for the Summer with Light and Breezy Curtains

December 7, 2020

Summer season is coming, which is why most homeowners prepare their homes now to anticipate the effects of the outdoor heat. From maintaining their cooling systems to utilising additional energy-efficient fixtures, homeowners would do anything just to keep their homes cool amidst the rising temperatures.

One element of home properties that can help alter their indoor temperatures is window treatment. Windows are intended to let in natural light during the daytime without allowing too much heat inside a room or space. They likewise regulate the temperatures of properties through the materials used for the frames and glass. But aside from the windows themselves, one aspect of window treatment that can be effective in combatting the effects of summer heat is the curtains.

Preparing your home with suitable curtains can be a great way for your property to stay cool and breezy once the summer season has arrived. To help you out, here are some curtain ideas that you can apply during this upcoming season.

Light in Colour and Weight

Whether they are for outdoors or indoors, curtains that possess light colours can easily help your property in terms of aesthetics and heat protection. Light coloured curtains, especially those that come in white, do not attract heat as much as those with dark colours. Additionally, opting for curtains with light colours can easily blend well with any aesthetics and design elements of home properties. Aside from having light colours, your curtains must also be lightweight. Heavy curtains are usually comprised of thick fabrics, which would just contribute to more heat inside your property.

Choose the Correct Length

If your home currently has a front deck, then you may want to hang and install some long fabric curtains. These curtains can swiftly make your property more eye-catching without compromising the temperatures of your surroundings. Long curtains can also be placed on your roofed terrace or gazebo if ever you have one. As for your rooms indoors, the length of your curtains should depend on your existing windows. Your curtains must possess at least four inches more than the width of your windows on both sides to give them a sense of fullness once the curtains are installed and drawn apart.

Try Some Customisations

There are tons of customisations that you can do for your summer curtains. You can opt for curtains with two-way draw panel designs so they can effectively improve the appearance of your room and, at the same time, keep off unwanted heat out of the property. Incorporating sheer fabric to your curtains can also provide the needed sun protection without compromising style and design. Pleated crown custom curtains can likewise be integrated into your property, preventing the sunlight from directly hitting the interiors of your property and increasing the indoor temperatures.

Opting for these curtains can help your property achieve cool temperatures even under the summer heat. If you want to obtain great curtains for your property, feel free to contact us at Imaj Curtains and Blinds.


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