Panel Glide Blinds: Versatile Uses for Glass Doors and Windows in Homes and Offices

May 20, 2019

Panel glide blinds are often the ideal choice for use on glass doors and windows in both homes and offices today. These attractive, versatile blinds are designed to glide either horizontally or vertically as treatments for tall, floor-to-ceiling windows, sliding glass walls and smooth-gliding glass doors. These fashionable and functional blinds are available in myriad fabric types, designs and colour selections, in thin bamboo strips, in vinyl or in other plasticised materials. Horizontal gliding blinds installed on sliding glass doors glide smoothly in the same direction as the doors open and close. When designed as a series of moving panels, these blinds often stack neatly behind one another when moved to the closed position, saving space.

Versatile Uses for Panel Glide Blinds Installed on Home or Office Glass Doors and Windows

Attractive panel glide blinds that are installed on glass doors and windows in homes and offices can serve such purposes as the following:

• Room Dividers. – Stylish panel glide blinds mounted on sliding glass doors in both home and office settings can make convenient room dividers. Just by moving these doors and their smoothly gliding binds to the closed position, you can create two totally separate work or living spaces. With opaque blinds in place and covering the glass doors completely, two different meetings or activities can take place on opposite sides of the glass door without disturbing or disrupting one another.

• Decor Enhancements. – Since modern panel glide blinds are available in a variety of materials, colours, patterns and textures, they can be attractive items of decor, brightening and improving the overall design of an interior space. Because these blinds can be installed and removed easily, you may want to keep several different colours and styles of blinds on hand so that you can interchange them as you like to refresh and vitalise your rooms at home or in the office.

  • Privacy Aids. – Panel glide blinds are excellent aids for ensuring privacy during important business meetings and consultations with clients. At home, you can keep one area of your children’s playroom or the family den quiet and shaded from bright sunlight while your baby or toddler takes a nap. On the other side of the sliding glass doors covered by your attractive blinds, all activity can continue as usual without concerns about waking your youngster.

    By consulting the door and window treatment experts of Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you will benefit from top-tier advice, panel glide blinds designs and installation services for your home or office glass doors and windows. With attractive and practical panel glide binds of your choice installed on your large windows or sliding glass doors and walls at home or in the workplace, you will have excellent use of all your interior room space while enjoying these decor enhancements. Our door and window furnishing professionals will assist you in selecting the ideal blinds materials, colours, and styles to best meet all your preferences and needs.

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