Pairing Curtains with Blinds: What are the Do’s and Don’ts

April 18, 2019

When you are pairing curtains with blinds for your home or office interiors, there are definite combinations to embrace or avoid. These “Dos and Don’ts” are tried-and-true points of wisdom from experts in the field of window treatments based on valid experiences in choosing decor components. Ideally paired curtains and blinds colours, patterns and styles will complement and enhance one another in the very best ways. This perfect pairing will be evident to anyone who enters a room with newly chosen window treatments of this type. There will be no discordant elements or suggestions when curtains and blinds are skillfully and tastefully paired in any room’s interior.

Major “Dos and Don’ts” for Successfully Pairing Curtains with Blinds

There are major “Dos and Don’ts” for the successful pairing of curtains and blinds for your home or office room decor, such as the following:

• Opaque Patterned Curtains with Solid Colour Roller Blinds. – When opaque patterned curtains in pleasing colours and designs are paired with roller blinds in a solid colour that matches or complements a major colour component of the curtain pattern, this is a definite “Do” and a plus for the cohesive appearance of your room’s decor. Curtains and blinds, when used alone, make strong fashion statements, and when they are skillfully paired, the result can be a very dynamic stylistic influence on the total interior design and ambiance.

• Sheer Curtains with Dark Wood Venetian Blinds. – Sheer curtains of any colour over dark wooden Venetian blinds is a strong “Don’t” in your personal decor manual. The darkness of the blinds will dull the tones and attractiveness of the sheer curtains and detract from the total effect of the room’s design and colour scheme. By substituting a heavier weave of curtain fabric, you can achieve a much better window treatment effect and appeal.

• Textured Drapery Fabric with Sheer Roller Blinds. – You can gain an enthusiastic “Do” by choosing beautifully textured drapery fabric to pair with sheer roller blinds. Whether these blinds are made of sheer fabric or loosely woven rattan or jute, they will create an attractive window treatment ensemble for your room when paired with your stylish drapes. With the drapery open and the blinds closed, you will benefit from soft exterior light, or you can close the drapes for total privacy.

When you contact our experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice, blinds and curtains styles and experienced installation services to complete your home or office interior decor. Our professionals will assist you in making the ideal selections for perfect pairing to create a highly fashionable window treatment statement to enhance all aspects of your interior design.

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