Modifying Window Treatments According to Seasonal Changes

January 13, 2021

Season changes all the time. And with these perceived alterations on the conditions of the environment, the need to change the window treatments is also a must to effectively match them with all existing elements inside and outside the property. Changing the window treatments according to the current season can also be a great way of maintaining the looks and ambience of your home property.

Window treatments are often done to effectively enhance the appearance and aesthetics of not only the windows but also a specific room. From curtains to other window materials, changes on the window treatments can be done through following the trend of a particular season.

In modifying window treatments, numerous elements must be considered first before changing other areas. Some of these elements are as follows.

Type of Fabric Material

At any season, one great way of enhancing the overall feel and ambience of the windows is by using textiles. Curtains or drapes that are made from textiles can easily make the windows much lighter to look at. As the season changes to fall or winter, you can modify your window treatments with curtains or drapes that are made from heavier materials since they can make the room much warmer. Some of these heavy materials that you can incorporate are velvet and wool. Spring season, alternatively, would be the best time for you to maximise curtains that are made from lightweight fabrics or sheers.

Hardware Installation

The curtain rod used for your curtains can also be modified according to the season. From its finish to finials, you can easily modify your rod by painting it with your desired colour and finish. Alternatively, you can create a curtain rod by converting and utilising a galvanised pipe or electrical conduit. You can also fake a pinch pleat through utilising old and cheap clip curtain rings. After all, they can still make your window treatment elegant and classy.

The installation of hardware features can also enhance the window treatments no matter what the season is. You can check if your curtain rod is in optimal height and length. Likewise, you can inspect if it can cover the curtains that you have recently purchased or created.

Additional Accessories

Once the curtains and associated hardware elements are modified, you can now spend your time adding some customised tiebacks and finials. While they do not need to be modified thoroughly, the presence of these things can truly enhance the overall appearance of the said treatments. A tieback can be very helpful in maximising light exposure. Finials, alternatively, can be great for visual enhancements as well as preventing the curtains from slipping off the end of the curtain rod.

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