Maximise Style and Practicality in Your Window Curtains with Imaj Curtains and Blinds

May 12, 2021

Fashionable curtains available today offer the ideal balance of stylishness and practicality. There are subtle fabric designs that have a delicate, light appearance, yet they are quite durable. You can also find a wide variety of heavier curtain fabrics with stronger, more dynamic colours, patterns and textures.

You may be shopping for window treatments to brighten a rustic style den decorated in darker tones. To balance the bright, energetic decor in the family entertainment room, you may be looking for softer shades in curtains to soften the room’s overall palette. If your living room displays traditional decor, there are myriad varieties of silk or lace curtains to choose from.

Maximise Fashion and Functionality in Your Window Curtains 

In today’s vast and versatile marketplace, you can locate stylish and practical window curtains for virtually any mode of interior decor, including the following:

  • Contemporary-Chic Living Room. If the sleek, slim-lined cocoa-coloured sofa and matching chairs in your living room are complemented by a new lustrous cherry-wood credenza and a rose-grey coffee table, you may need fashionable new curtains. Especially for a room with a sliding window wall, light coral curtains in polished cotton, linen, damask or natural silk can be stunning and will wear well.
  • Country-Cottage Family Room. This room will glow with bright, energetic light from the windows when you choose floral or abstract prints in the lightweight curtain fabric. If the windows are tall with wide natural wooden frames and stylish window seats, these attractive fabrics will border your windows with casual elegance. Try loose-weave cotton, cotton blends or canvas curtains in small brightly coloured or pastel prints for a pleasing cottage style effect.
  • Minimalist Kitchen Interior. To complement the simplistic shapes and lines of your stainless-steel appliances, dark granite benchtop and bar counter with high metal stools pops of colour are needed. Solid hues in bright window curtains or abstract designs on a white fabric background can be the perfect accent. Touches of red, yellow-gold, tangerine, garden green or sky blue in cotton and synthetic fabric blends will look fresh, and they are easy to wash and keep clean.
  • Retro Bedroom Decor. In your dream-like guest bedroom with vintage decor from stylish past eras, you may want violet floor-length curtains to match the violet velvet vanity stool seat emphasized by the large round decorative vanity mirror. Raw silk or smooth satin can be good choices for your curtain fabric, or for a more ornate retro effect, try a stylish brocade. Although they have a fancy appearance, these curtains can be washed in mild detergent or refreshed by a green dry cleaning service.

When you consult our window treatment experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice, fabrics and designs for stylish and practical window curtains. We offer a wide variety of fashionable and durable curtain fabrics.We want to ensure that each client can easily find the perfect curtains to satisfy their preferences and needs. Our experienced professional team will guide you in selecting the ideal curtain fabrics, designs, colours and patterns to greatly enhance the rooms of your home.


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