Matching Sheer Curtains and Drapes for Beautiful Bedroom Lighting

October 10, 2018

When choosing matching sheer curtains and drapes for stunning natural lighting through your bedroom windows, you will want to coordinate beautiful colours, textures and patterns in drapery fabric with elegant sheer curtain materials of fine quality. Depending on the overall decor styling of your bedroom, you may select different combinations of opaque, semi-sheer and sheer fabrics as window dressings.

These fabric pairs may either complement one another or present strongly contrasting colours and design elements. Whatever your specific preferences and needs may be for fashionable and practical pairing of drapery and sheer curtain materials today, there is sure to be an ideal selection to meet your specific desires and requirements.

Creative Ideas for Matching Sheer Curtains and Drapes for Beautiful Bedroom Lighting Effects

Innovative styling when matching sheer curtain fabrics with drapery materials to create highly attractive natural lighting effects through your bedroom windows includes the following decor ideas:

• Single-Colour Patterned Fabrics: Opaque Linen Over Sheer Silk.
– Richly patterned opaque linen in a single colour over sheer, filmy silk lends an elegant ambiance of pure classic beauty to any bedroom decor, from sedate traditional to ultra-modern. The volumetric, textured surface of the heavier linen contrasts and highlights the more delicate, whimsical folds of the sheer under-layer of smooth, sophisticated silk. Whether your choice is subtle, complementary shades of neutral grays, tans or cream colours, strident seafoam aquas or verdant forest greens, the combination of opaque and sheer fabrics is highly appealing to the eye while admitting soft, glowing natural lighting into your room.

• Multi-Coloured Semi-Sheen Cotton Over Sheer Cotton Lace.
– Stylish semi-sheen cotton drapes in light, airy coloured patterns over see-through cotton latticework lace brings uniquely combined fabric textures, surfaces and hues to enlighten and brighten your bedroom decor. This combination of fabrics is especially well suited for antique and modern-retro decor. If your interior design preferences are for 1950s and early ’60s styles, this may be the ideal choice for your bedroom window treatments. The overlying multi-coloured drapes lend a playful element to the crisp, orderly lace curtains beneath.

• Woven Synthetic Semi-Sheer Black and White Striped Fabric Over Sheer Synthetic Light Gray Material.
– This chic, sleek combination of striped drapery and mono-tone sheer curtain fabric is ideal for many modern bedrooms with minimalist style furnishings. The simplistic, streamlined design of these fabrics presents a cool, appealing look that influences the overall decor design of the room. The soothing, filtered outdoor light admitted through these window treatments fills the room with a soft, understated glow while lending subtle emphasis to the simplistic coloration and style of both fabrics.

When you engage the highly professional services of our curtain and drapery fabric experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, VIC and serving Melbourne and surrounding regions, you will receive top quality guidance in selecting your new bedroom window dressings. With the advice and assistance of our pros, you will make the ideal choices of drapery and sheer curtain fabrics to adorn your windows and enhance the natural light admitted through them.

Our experts will provide you with an on-site consultation and a free quote for the cost of your new window treatments and their installation. For top-tier curtain and drapery fabrics and pairings, visit our well-established, professional window treatment experts at our company location or view our inventory online at imajcurtains.com.au.

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