How Do Curtains, Blinds, and Shutters Help Conserve Energy During Winter?

July 2, 2019

Windows left uncovered, without attractive and energy-efficient treatments can result in as much as 40 percent of heat wastage for your home interiors during the cold winter months and approximately 50 percent of cool air loss in summer. Since your home will then require the use of additional energy to reheat or re-cool your rooms, your energy costs will most likely increase significantly. However, when you install the best choice of window furnishings for insulating your windows, you will enjoy definite cost-savings on your subsequent power bills.

Ways in Which Curtains, Blinds and Shutters Can Help Conserve Energy Throughout the Winter

When you make the right selections in curtains, blinds, and shutters for your home window treatments, these important items of decor can also be outstanding energy savers throughout the most frigid days of winter. These window dressings can help conserve energy in the following ways:

• Curtains. – By selecting closely woven drapery fabric for your window dressings, you can save as much as 20 percent of the heat in each room of your home. This energy savings is due to the fact that the layer of air caught between the drapes and a window acts as a layer of insulation, preserving the warmth of your the room. If you choose to hang curtains made of fabric offering block-out properties, they can lower potential room heat increases by as much as 33 percent.

Also, the folds and pleats of curtain fabric release heat accumulations by convection. If you choose lined curtains for your windows, they will provide additional insulation for more conservation of energy and cost savings.

• Blinds. – With Roman blinds installed as home window coverings, their layers of fabric will insulate your windows, reducing heat loss during cold winter months and helping to retain cool air on sweltering summer days. When facings are added to these fabric blinds, they will provide additional insulation. When you install Venetian blinds on your windows, their slats can be adjusted easily to block-out the heat of direct sun rays in summer as well as cold temperatures and chilling wind during winter.

Cellular blinds as window treatments enable trapped air to accumulate within each cell, which forms an insulating layer that will heat or cool the air before it is released into your room interiors. If you choose roller blinds in UV filtering and energy reflective fabrics for your window dressings, they will influence the levels of energy admitted and emitted from your rooms and use of double roller blinds will double the insulating effects of your window treatments.

• Shutters. – Plantation shutters are quite helpful in providing excellent UV and exterior heat protection for your home in summer. Their louvers permit good ventilation and admit adequate sunlight through your windows while shielding room interiors from extreme heat and sun glare. By completely closing the louvers on cold, blustery days in winter, the sturdy timbre of your shutters will provide very effective insulation and energy cost-savings.

With external roller shutters installed on your windows, you will have all-seasons weather and temperature shielding in place for your home interiors. This protection can result in as much as a 40 percent savings on your annual energy costs for heating and cooling.

When you contact Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Victoria and serving both city and regional areas throughout Australia, you will receive expert advice, window treatment designs and installation services for your home window coverings. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff will ensure that you select the ideal window furnishings to best conserve energy throughout the cold of winter and all year long.

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