Holland Blinds: Simplicity in Designs that is Best for Bedrooms

January 30, 2019

Holland blinds, or roller blinds, are the most frequently requested type of blinds across Australia today. These blinds are available in many varied contemporary colours and designs, and they are a very cost-efficient choice for bedroom window treatments. These low maintenance blinds are sold in a wide array of fabrics, textures and hues, and you can select from light filtering or block-out blinds according to your preferences and needs.

These attractive and practical blinds also offer the valuable benefit of reducing your home’s energy consumption while providing a restful, peaceful room environment for sleeping when closed. During daytime hours, these useful and attractive window treatments can be easily adjusted to admit the exact amount of natural light desired without any bothersome glare from the sun’s powerful rays.

Attractive Window Treatments in Simple, Pleasing Designs for Your Bedrooms 

Modern styles in Holland blinds offer highly appealing, simple and practical window coverings for your bedrooms and are available in the following styles:

• Light Filter Blinds.
– These translucent blinds admit soft natural light, but cannot be seen through as daytime window treatments. They offer complete privacy while lighting your room with gentle, filtered light from outdoors. Available in a wide selection of fabrics, colours and textures, these versatile blinds offer the perfect choices to dress all the bedroom windows of your home.

• Sunscreen Blinds. – These blinds are similar to light filter blinds, but they are see-through roller blinds designs. Although they soften bright sunlight or street lights that shine through your windows, the interiors of your rooms are visible from the outside when sunscreen blinds are installed on your windows. You can also view the scenes outside your windows through these blinds, minus the glare of bright outdoor light. These popular window dressings are also sold in myriad colours and textures to satisfy different homeowners’ stylistic tastes and decor requirements.

• Blackout Blinds. – Because they operate on tracks installed on the outside of the architrave frames of the windows, there is no opening through which outside light can be admitted to the interiors of your bedrooms with these blinds installed. Made of block-out fabrics and other synthetic materials, these opaque window coverings are guaranteed to keep your bedrooms dark during all hours of the day and night when closed to provide the ideal peaceful sleeping environment.

All of these varieties of blinds are designed with a metal or plastic operating chain for manual styles. You can operate your blinds with this chain, which can move through aluminium tubing to roll your blinds up or downward. These modern Holland blinds are also available for use with motorized systems that position the blinds automatically by remote control. All three blinds styles provide some degree of insulation from both hot and cold climatic temperatures.

When you contact the Holland blinds experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield Melbourne, Victoria, you will receive top quality advice, blinds designs and full installation services for highly attractive, simple and effective bedroom window treatments.

Our experienced professionals will assist you in selecting the very best styles and materials in ultimate quality Holland blinds to ensure an ideal attractive and restful environment for all the bedrooms of your home.

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