Handmade Curtains are an Asset for Your Home

April 8, 2020

Mass-produced curtains have significantly improved the industry as it allowed an amazing choice of colours, shades, textures, and materials. When you add that to their traditional strengths of low cost and convenience, the debate over whether to choose ready-made or handmade curtains is won by the former. However, what most people don’t know is the fact that handmade curtains is growing in terms of sales and popularity. Below are reasons why handmade curtains are an asset for your home.

Handmade Curtains Offer More Value Than Ready-Made Ones

Like anything that is manually made, handmade curtains’ cost is on the higher side. Also, contributing to the higher cost is the fabric. Since no two orders for handmade curtains are same, the amount and type of fabric required for each tend to vary as well. So the end product uses smaller amounts of different fabrics, which pushes up the final cost. On the upside, the higher price also buys you the kind of craftsmanship, quality, longevity and satisfaction that no ready-made curtain can match. In  the long term, handmade curtains clearly offer more value for money than ready-made ones.

Handmade Curtains Provide Specialised Headings

A heading refers to the manner in which a curtain is hung from the rod. There are various styles of headings available and each is unique when it comes to style and function. Some of the most popular types of headings include double pinch pleats, eyelets, triple pinch pleat, pencil pleat, tab top, wave etc. When you go the handmade way, you can choose any heading you like for your window curtains. This is unlike ready-made curtains where certain types of pleated headings are not available because of their more complex design that is unsuitable for mass production. Moreover, a custom-made heading is symbolic of the degree of thought you’ve put into your overall home décor and is sure to be appreciated by one and all.

Handmade Curtains Have Personalised Interior

The essence of personalisation is nuance. For instance, a traditional interior home décor is known for its intricate details like heavier curtain fabrics, pleated headings and evergreen fabric designs like damask and floral. Handmade curtains allow you to personalise every aspect of the fabric design, which is impossibility with ready-made curtains.

Because of this nature, handmade curtains are not bound by any style considerations. Consider modern interior home décor for example, where less is more and the emphasis is on understated elegance. By going handmade, you can choose fabrics across a variety of silhouettes and colour palettes and have them stitched with the utmost care for a truly wonderful and modern interior décor.

Handmade Curtains Have Better Functionality

When it comes to the curtain’s functions, homeowners have their own needs. Some might want the curtains to block out light completely or partially? Might others need them to make the home equally comfortable during winter as well as summer? It’s the lining of your curtain that determines these functions. The usual lining varieties include standard, interlining, blackout, acoustic and thermal.

While ready-made curtains do offer these lining options, it’s not always easy to find a set that offers the fabric style you like and the lining type you need together. More often than not, one has to either trade in functionality for fabric style or vice versa. You can say goodbye to these compromises with handmade curtains.

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