Fixed or Adjustable Outdoor Awnings: Shade Options for Residential and Commercial Use

March 11, 2019

With the normal temperature and weather extremes throughout Australia today, effective outdoor shading is currently an essential element of exterior decor for both residential and commercial property. As homes and office buildings continue to expand in size and layout, there are more and larger windows and sliding glass doors or walls to protect from excessive heat and cold. Although double glazed glass for both windows and sliding doors is a great help for home and workplace insulation, some form of outdoor protective installation is needed to shield your home or office interiors from the bright glare and heat of direct sunlight or from harsh cold and blustery wind, rain or snowfall.

Although some homes and commercial buildings were designed to include architectural eaves and overhangs, many houses and office buildings do not have this feature. Some property owners prefer use of louvres with angled slats installed on windows or overhead pergolas with fixed or adjustable slats to protect patio, terrace, and deck or balcony areas of homes or commercial buildings. However, these options can still admit more sunlight than you want or need as the sun changes position in the sky during different seasons of the year. Many homeowners as well as business property owners and operators now favor use of either fixed or adjustable awnings to shade and protect their windows or glass walls as well as terraces and balconies from sun-glare and heat.

Benefits of Choosing Fixed or Adjustable Outdoor Awnings as Shade Options for Homes and Commercial Buildings

Major benefits of installing fixed or adjustable outdoor awnings as shade options for your home of commercial building include the following:

• Fixed Awnings. – Many home and commercial builders and renovators today are including fixed awning designs in their plans for shading and protecting windows, glass doors, patios and other outdoor living areas. These permanent awnings can be structured of steel, corrugated sheet metal, timber, cement sheeting or rigid polycarbonate sheet. To shield window sides and corners from bright sunlight during more months of the year, the awnings can be designed to extend past the width of your windows.

• Adjustable Awnings. – Awnings with a moving, retractable structure can have various designs, including pivot arm, folding arm and horizontal awnings. These horizontal awnings may operate on wires, rollers or vertical drops for raising and lowering. Since they have no support poles or steadying devices when extended, folding arm awnings can be more easily damaged by strong winds than other awning styles. However, they can be installed with sensors for automatic closing during sudden wind bursts or harsh weather conditions.

Retractable awnings can be composed of heavy waterproofed fabrics, sailing canvas, vinyl and other plasticised materials. A new and popular awning design today is a stainless steel wire guide awning featuring a vertical drop on sturdy, fixed wiring that locks down securely at the bottom to keep the awning tightly closed.

When you consult the experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you will benefit from excellent advice, designs and installations of the latest styles in residential and commercial outdoor awnings. Our experienced professionals will guide you to selecting the best shading and weather-protective choices of awnings currently available to shield all your windows along with your balconies, terraces, decks and other outdoor living spaces from direct sunlight, heat and harsh weather conditions.

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