Enhance Your Home’s Appeal with Window Shutters

November 26, 2020

If you want to enhance your window treatment, then you may want to opt for a window shutter. A window shutter is a type of solid window covering that is comprised of a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails. Its frame can have louvers, solid panels, fabric, glass, and others. Window shutters can be situated either inside or outside of a property, which would depend on the preferences of property owners.

Advantages of Window Shutters

Window shutters have been used by property owners due to their advantages. For one, they can effectively increase the security of properties. The way these shutters are structured can easily deter burglars from entering properties through the windows. Aside from security, window shutters are also known for enhancing the privacy of properties. The shutters can be closed completely, preventing any gaps on the window that may allow neighbours to peek.

And speaking of gaps, window shutters can also help properties block out light and reduce external noise. With the ability to block out light, window shutters are likewise known to reduce the drastic transfer of heat. Window shutters can slow down heat transfer from inside the property to the outside and vice versa, which is a great way of retaining warmth during colder days and staying cool during hotter days.

Other advantages of window shutters include trusted durability, long service life, ease of usage, versatility, customisability, and cost-effectiveness.

Choosing Your Window Shutters

Opting for window shutters can truly enhance the appeal of your home. However, you must still consider key elements of window shutters so they can fit perfectly with your home appearance and function. Some elements that you must consider in choosing your window shutters include:

  • Hardware: When choosing your window shutters, you must choose the ones that have operable shutter hardware. The presence of this hardware, which includes shutter hinges and shutter dogs, will allow your shutters to be installed appropriately, preventing them to look cheap and inauthentic.
  • Material: Another element that you must consider for your shutters is their material. While wood shutters can truly look natural, they can easily deteriorate under harsh weather conditions. Vinyl shutters, alternatively, can last for a little longer due to their material composition. Composite shutters can also be considered as they are both durable and authentic.
  • Placement: Windows that are too close together may not work effectively with shutters. The recommended space between shutters would be measured at least half the width of a single shutter.
  • Style: Properties that often experience hot humid weather conditions can easily benefit from louvered shutters. Colder places, alternatively, can take advantage of solid or panelled shutters. Board shutters can also be utilised if you are saving some money.
  • Colour: Window shutters may come in around two or three colours, which would truly depend on the colours found in your home. You may want to match some parts of your shutters with the colour of your front door or windows. However, you must use a different colour for other parts.

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