Dress Up Your Small Windows with Slimline Micro Blinds

December 13, 2018

Slimline micro blinds are ideal for enhancing and dressing up your small windows. These modern window furnishings offer slim, sleek fashion to embellish your small size windows and overall room decor. Although they are usually opened and closed with use of a tilt wand and cord, you can also order automated blinds with remote control for many attractive models of these small, stylish blinds.

These window treatments can be conveniently angled to deflect direct sunlight while admitting a pleasant, refreshing glow of soft light into your room interiors. With these attractive contemporary blinds installed on your windows, you can easily view the outdoor scene just outside while enjoying complete privacy for your home. These sleek blinds are available in a wide array of designer styles and colours, and they can be customised to fit mini-windows as slender as 10 inches in width.

Add a Touch of Modern Fashion to Your Mini-Windows with Slimline Micro Blinds

By dressing up your small and narrow windows with slimline micro blinds, you will enjoy the many conveniences and advantages offered by these miniature size window treatments. Their attractive benefits for your daily use and enjoyment include the following:

  • Versatile Sizes and Styles – These attractive slender micro blinds are available in different sizes and styles, and they can be customised to meet your specific window specifications. The most popular models of these small slimline blinds have one-half-inch thick slats that offer excellent privacy for your home’s interior rooms. At the same time, these slender window furnishings allow plenty of soft, pleasing natural light to filter indoors to brighten your indoor spaces. The smallest width these micro blinds are generally sold in is 10 inches. However, if you need blinds for an even narrower window, they can be specially made to meet your exact specifications.
  • Varied Materials and Finishes – You can obtain appealing micro blinds in a wide selection of materials and finishes today. Whether your preference is for slimline micro blinds designs made of sleek, smooth aluminium, richly grained slender timbre or versatile textured vinyl in a multitude of vibrant or subdued colours to accommodate all your preferences and needs, you will find the ideal blinds materials and finishes to satisfy your home decor desires and needs.
  • Easy Maintenance – These desirable and convenient slim micro blinds offer easy cleaning and maintenance. They can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap and water, and the wooden blinds styles can be rubbed with natural wood polish or wax for a soft sheen and attractive glow. Because the installation and operation of these micro blinds is simple, they require little if any repairs and will last and offer good service for long-term use.

When you contact the window treatment experts atImaj Curtains and Blinds located inCampbellfield, Victoria, you will benefit from excellent advice, slimline micro blinds designs and full installation services. Our fine team of modern window blinds professionals will help you select the ideal sizes, styles and materials in slender micro blinds to dress up and embellish all the small windows in your home.

You can reach our window treatment experts today by phone, by email or on the company website atimajcurtains.com.au for further information and to select your new and stylish slimline micro blinds designs.

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