Drapes and Curtains: Resolving Privacy Issues Regarding Picture Windows

February 26, 2019

Drapes and curtains in varied fabrics and designs are ideal choices as window treatments for picture windows. While a large, clear and beautiful picture window is a dynamic design feature of any room, it requires special attention when choosing window dressings. Although an expansive, sparkling window in your living room, dining room, den or entertainment area will admit plenty of bright, enlivening natural light and sunshine, it also calls for a window treatment style that provides complete privacy for your home’s interior when desired.

How Drapes and Curtains Can Resolve Any Privacy Issues Concerning Picture Windows

By selecting appropriate curtains or drapes for the attractive picture windows in your home, you will resolve any issues regarding ensuring total privacy for your home’s interior. Ideal window dressings for these large, popular windows include the following:

• Sheer Curtains under Opaque Drapery. – With sheer curtains in light colours or neutral shades under opaque drapery fabric with attractive patterns or in a solid colour that complements your room’s overall decor, you can enjoy your lovely picture window during all types of weather. On bright, sunny days, you can enjoy soft natural sunlight filtering through your sheer curtains bordered by the stylish open drapes on either side. During rainy or dreary days, you may prefer the drapes closed so that you can enjoy the attractive colours of their weave, texture or colour patterns. At night or anytime that you want complete privacy, this thick, plush drapery will provide it for you in the fully closed position.

• Opaque Curtains. – When you hang thick, elegant or rustic opaque curtains at your picture window, you can enjoy total privacy at any hour of the day or night. By closing these appealing, thick curtains completely, you will have a room that is totally shielded from all activity outside your window. On bright days, you can enjoy your indoor privacy while still benefiting from the soft glow of sunlight shining behind your protective, fashionable curtains. If you live in an area with bright streetlights near your home, these curtains will also prevent these exterior lights from interfering with your nightly sleep if you have a picture window in your bedroom.

• Pleated Drapes. – When you choose pleated drapery to dress your home’s picture windows, you will also benefit from ensured privacy while enjoying the pleasing colours and stylish patterns or textures of their fabrics. Your drapes can be made of either thick, tightly woven, opaque fabric or more loosely woven material. With either fabric choice designed in pleated drapes, you will have complete privacy when your drapes are closed since the multiple layers of the pleats will offer a secure, non-see-through window covering.

By consulting the window treatment professionals at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you will benefit from top quality advice and curtain or drapery fabrics for premium caliber picture window treatments for your home. Our experts will guide you to selecting the ideal window dressings to complement and enhance your room interiors while providing complete privacy for you and your household whenever desired.

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