Different Curtain Styles for Living Rooms

July 8, 2021

Living room curtains are available in many different fabrics, styles, textures and weights today. Whether you prefer sheer, transparent window treatments, heavier, opaque fabrics or something in between, you can locate an ideal selection. Popular curtain fabrics include linen, cotton, cotton blends, silk, damask, velvet and many synthetics.

Having access to a wide variety of curtain styles and fabrics is quite helpful due to the many different types of decor that are currently in high popularity. If your living room displays classic traditional style, sheer white silk floor-to-ceiling curtains may be a perfect choice.

If your living room is decorated in modern minimalist fashion, solid-colour curtains in linen or cotton blends may be your preference. Yet if the main living space of your home exhibits colourful and somewhat ornate shabby chic decor, lavish designs in silk brocade or luxurious velvet may add the ideal touch of antique elegance.

Today’s Different Curtain Styles for Fashionable Living Room Decor

Various styles in living room curtains for fashionable interior decor today include the following:

  • Sheer Curtains. Translucent or transparent curtains in white or pastel shades admit soft, filtered sunlight into your living room interior. These curtains are elegant yet quiet items of beauty that complement and enhance your sofa, chairs and other major items of furniture. Available in silk, light cotton blends and synthetics, they add ageless style to your room decor.
  • Opaque Curtains. These heavier curtain fabrics do not admit outdoor light through your living room window to brighten the interior. Yet their hues often gain a colourful glow on bright, sunny days. As influential items of decor, your curtains in linen, close-weave cotton, damask or synthetics define and accessorise the overall colour scheme of your room. They also add a sense of privacy.
  • Curtain and Drapery Combination. Installing a combination of sheer curtains bordered by heavier drapery is versatile and stylish. During daytime hours, you can enjoy soft light through the curtains with the drapes in the open, pulled back position. After dark, you can close the drapes and enjoy the colours and textures of the drapery fabric as part of your fashionable room decor.
  • Cafe Curtains. Especially in country-cottage and farmhouse style living rooms, cafe curtains can be quite attractive. While the lower “half-curtain” covers the bottom half of your window, the matching valance at the top of the window adds decorative charm. These curtains are often made of light-coloured patterned fabrics, and the valances usually display ruffled or scalloped edges.

When you contact our specialists at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield Melbourne, Victoria, you will gain excellent advice concerning different types of fashionable window curtains. Our window treatment experts will guide you in selecting the perfect curtain fabrics, colours and styles to greatly enhance your overall living room decor.

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