Decorate Your Home Effortlessly with the Right Window Blinds

October 12, 2020

When you first move into a new home, one of your first concerns, even before unpacking your belongings, is how to adorn your windows for the sake of your privacy possibly and of course, to enhance your room’s décor. While you can go all out with fabric drapes, curtain rods and even valances, you can select the effortless home decoration option and choose the correct window blinds for your house. Blinds install faster than drapes do and enhance the windows in their unique manner. Here is how you can decorate your home effortlessly with the right window blinds.

Use Roman Blinds to Block Sunlight

Roman blinds or shades block out the sun when you effectively close them. They are different from other blinds in the fact that they stack evenly on top of each other while opening. Typically, they are operated with a cord mechanism. When closed, the Roman blinds are smooth since they contain fabric panels. These are available in a wide assortment of fabrics, colours and patterns.

Choose Roller or Blackout Blinds to Complement Decor

Roller blinds contain aluminium or a timber roller, and a length of stiffened fabric attached securely. These operate with a spring-loaded, motorized or chain mechanism design. You can choose from a variety of colour and pattern options to ensure that the roller blind fashionably blends with your décor. Even blackout blinds are possible in this style.

Pick Venetian Blinds for Both Light and Privacy Control

Venetian blinds contain horizontal slats that tilt to open and close. When open, these blinds allow the light to flow into the room. Close them completely to gain privacy. You get the best of both light and privacy with this window treatment. Options available in these include timber, faux wood, aluminium and vinyl. All include their colour range, size offerings and customisation possibilities. You operate these blinds with a corded mechanism.

To choose which type of blinds that are ideal for your house, you must decide on the following factors, including but not limited to the following

Level of Privacy: Roller blinds are a good option for this and also for blocking UV rays.

Overall Aesthetics: The type that goes with your décor the best should be another influence on your decision. For example, when you have traditional décor, the timber or faux wood Venetian blinds are ideal. Other examples are that roller blinds offer a contemporary touch to your room and Roman blinds provide elegance to the house.

Functionality: Operation preferences also play a role in your decision and you may like the motorised option that is available in some roller blinds.

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