Curtains for Every Season Can Definitely Brighten Up Your Home

April 23, 2020

Are you on the lookout for a window treatment that will work for every single season. Below are curtains that are perfect to be added to your home and use them to your advantage throughout the year. But just how do you use them in every single season? How can you make them work? Do you need lots of different types of curtains? Here’s everything you need for each season of the year.

Thicker Winter Curtains

During the winter months, you’ll want to choose curtains with thicker materials. Darker and thicker will help to lock the heat in the room and make you psychologically feel like its cozier in the room. However, you’ll also want to consider doubling up. Use a set of roller shades or add a set of sheer drapes to your windows. This extra layer will offer a range of benefits during the daytime. The sun usually sits low during the winter, which causes some glare problems. Curtains block out all light, but sheer drapes or roller shades can help to reduce glare and keep the light. On a night, you have two layers to keep the heat from escaping. This is a great way to physically add benefits to your home.

Curtain Options in the Spring and Fall

During the spring and the fall, you’ll find that thicker curtains are enough. There’s no need to double up as much, unless you have an unusually colder time of the year. The thicker drapes and curtains will help to block the heat escaping on a night and first thing on a morning. If you opt for lighter colors of your thicker curtains, you’ll find they reflect light too. In the daytime, as the temperatures rise, you can keep the glare out but not cut too much light out. As you get to the end of the spring or when you’re at the start of the fall, you can move into the lighter materials. This moves us onto the summer options.

Thin Curtains for the Summer

The summer months can get extremely warm throughout the day. You want a set of curtains that will add beauty to the room, help to manage the glare, but also keep the breeziness to add a sense of coolness. This is where the thinner curtains become useful. The thinner material doesn’t cling onto the heat. You’ll also find they tend to be lighter in color, which means reflecting the heat that rises from the UV rays coming in through the window. The lighter colors also help to add that sense of airiness, which keeps the light but reduces the glare so you can feel comfortable throughout the day. If you have an unseasonably cool summer, you can always add a set of sheer drapes up. When you have an unseasonably warm summer, you can opt for just sheer curtains instead.

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