Curtain Designs and Colours that Fit Perfectly Well with the Autumn Season Ambiance

April 4, 2019

With the vast selection of innovative colours, patterns and textures of curtain fabrics available today, you will have your choice of highly appealing designs and colours to align perfectly with the autumn season ambiance and decor. Whether your preferences tend toward neutral or subtle hues and shades that softly complement one another or bold, contrasting colours that create new visual dimensions just by their dynamic differences in tonality, you are sure to find your favorite designs. Perhaps you favor use of strong and subtle colour gradations together to celebrate the many seasonal colour combinations of fall. Whatever your curtain fashion favorites or fancies, you will find your ideal fabrics, colours and designs to create amazing autumn style interiors.

New Curtain Designs and Colours Create Glamour and Glow of Autumn Ambiance for Room Interiors

Fabrics for new autumn curtain designs in 2019 have a natural yet prestigious look with small-scale prints in bold colours or woven textures with extra volume in deep, subtle or neutral shades. Fresh, attractive curtain styles to celebrate the amazing colouration of this season include the following:

• Boldly Coloured Prints. – New bold print designs in rusty reds, deep indigo blues and bright mustard yellows are prevalent for autumn window treatment fashions this year. Although many of the new prints are in smaller designs than those popular in previous seasons, their dynamic colour combinations give them a strong presence in the overall decor of a room. Forms and shapes displayed in these printed silk, cotton or linen fabric curtain designs are also softer-edged than the geometric precision preferred by many minimalist textile designers.

• Richly Textured Bouclé Weaves.
– Bouclé fabrics are back in style for autumn this year, just in time to create richly hued curtains in lush fabrics woven from chunky cotton or woolen bouclé yarns. Many fabrics have the familiar gold or silver metallic thread intertwined with the richly coloured, textured yarns while more casual styles feature strands of natural twine in place of the sparkling metallic accents. These highly attractive textured curtains complement this year’s trend toward “maximalist” fashion in window treatments for autumn, rather than the popular minimalist styles. Maximalist decor incorporates outstanding or favorite furniture and items of decor from several different style periods, combined to form a fresh new element of fashion and ambiance.

• Sheer Curtains with Bright Accents. – Sheer curtains in neutral shades with small, brightly coloured designs that are fabric insets or appliqué are also favored for fall season window dressings this year. These curtains are especially appealing in living rooms, dens and large open-concept spaces adjoining terraces, patios or decks. As bright sunlight is filtered and softened by the translucent fabric, the bright hues and shades of the designs lend light, playful touches of autumn colour and character to the interior.

When you consult the window treatment experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you will be amazed at the wide array of attractive fall curtain fabrics and designs available today. Our experienced professionals will assist you in selecting the ideal curtain fabrics and fashions to add fresh autumn colours and style to your windows while bringing chic elegance, rustic romance or frivolous fun and charm to your home’s interior decor.

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