Choosing between Dark and Light Drapes: What are the Pros and Cons?

February 24, 2021

Making a choice between light or dark drapes for your living room, den or bedroom can be difficult. There is such a wide array of beautiful drapery fabric and designs available today that it can be nearly impossible to choose one. Even when we know what we want in window drapery colours and effects, our gaze and attention can be captivated by an entirely different fabric style, texture, weight, and colour scheme.

Yet there are definite qualities and characteristics that can differ significantly between dark and light drapery fashions. We know that, in general, darker drapes can make a room design seem more enclosed and dynamic with well-defined dimensions. Light drapes in softened tones or pastel colours can have the effect of opening up a smaller interior, creating a bright, airy or lighthearted atmosphere.

Essential Pros and Cons of Dark and Light Drapes

Dark drapery often has luxurious designs and patterns in strong or dramatic hues. When your living room windows display floor-length drapes in rich combinations of turquoise and charcoal or red, black and gold, the overall decor acquires the look and feel of luxury.

If you select elegant violet and deep silver-grey or forest green and rich cocoa hues in ornate or simplistic fabric designs, these drapes often rule the room as major items of decor. Yet dynamic, dark colours can also create a pleasing sense of calmness, sophistication and serenity in a room interior, although they tend to make some rooms seem smaller.

Light drapery fabrics, however, act to brighten and enliven your room decor. With soft-coloured drapery as window treatments, even a room that tends to be dark comes alive with the essence of carefree, airy lightness. Light drapery hues and patterns can also visually expand an interior, opening up even small, cramped corner areas. Yet large rooms with all light-toned decor can tend to lose some of their innate character and style.

Light drapes as attractive treatments for glass window-walls admit stunning natural light, both when open and closed. With the drapery open and bordering your clear glass wall, you can bask in direct sunlight on clear, bright days. In the closed position, your light-toned drapes seem more translucent, creating a stunning glow as sunbeams filter through the light hues and patterns of fabric.

By including a combination of light and dark fabric coloration for your family room window coverings, you can create a highly attractive and inviting interior. When you place dark-toned drapery in vibrant, rich colours over sheer, flowing curtains in pastel solid shades and soft, abstract patterns, you can design a unique and intriguing inner space. It can include an aspect of every imaginable mood in its stunning colour, tone and textural contrasts and balances.

Drapery and other furnishings join together to reflect this wide array of creative visual flavours. For excellent guidance in designing your customised interiors featuring your choice of beautiful dark or light drapery, you can seek the advice and expertise of our experienced team at Melbourne’s Imaj Curtains and Blinds. Our experts can assist you in selecting gentle or dazzling colours, patterns and textures in stunning new drapery inventories to calm or energise your room decor.


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