Care and Maintenance Guide for Roman Blinds

October 25, 2021

Roman blinds are available today in a wide array of fabrics, weights, textures, weaves, colours and patterns. For a classic or formal look, some people choose soft silk or faux silk, taffeta or satin. These delicate fabrics can create smooth folds and sleek, sophisticated window treatment. Yet medium-weight fabrics like linen, cotton, canvas or synthetic blends are ideal for Roman blinds since they create crisp, neat folds and hang smoothly.

Woolens, suede, velvet and heavier-weight synthetic blends are also good fabrics for Roman blinds. They offer more volume for a more dramatic, luxurious style while providing some added warmth around your windows during cold, blustery weather. Well-made Roman blinds created from high-quality fabrics will last for long-term use and enjoyment if they are carefully cleaned and maintained.

Expert Care and Maintenance Tips for Roman Blinds

Quality care and maintenance guidance from the experts for your Roman blinds includes the following tips:

  • Clean and Maintain with Care. Use the soft brush attachment and set your vacuum cleaner on a low speed to remove light dust and dirt from your Roman blinds. By opening your blinds fully, you can easily vacuum the front of the fabric. Give extra attention to the fabric edges where dust often collects. Refrain from vacuuming the back of your blinds since this may cause the operating cords to tangle.
  • Remove Stains Carefully. Stains can be difficult to remove from soft, absorbent fabrics. Use a smooth cloth or sponge and water with a mild detergent to gently sponge away light stains on fabric blinds. To clean heavier fabrics, you can use a foaming fabric shampoo. Especially if your blinds are made of brightly coloured and patterned linen, light cotton or lightweight synthetics, avoid scrubbing their surfaces.

For stains near the edges of your blinds, stroke the fabric gently with alcohol or peroxide-based wipes. For cleaning delicate silk, satin or taffeta blinds, seek the advice of a professional dry cleaning service.

  • Give Blinds a Fresh, Clean Aroma. You can rid your room interior of stale, musty odours by giving your fabric blinds a refreshing, clean aroma. Especially if you have Roman blinds that are in or near your kitchen, their fabrics may retain stale food, seasoning and cooking smell.

Try spraying the fabric lightly with an all-natural or organic scent. You can also place your favourite scented candles near these blinds so that they can absorb the fresh, appealing aromas. Another solution is to remove the blinds from your windows, laying them on a flat surface. Then sprinkle baking soda over the fabric and wait for 24 hours before vacuuming the fabrics clean and rehanging your blinds.

By consulting our experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Victoria, you can gain top-rated guidance for the excellent care and maintenance of your Roman blinds. Our experienced professionals are well prepared to offer you the very best advice and tips for cleaning and maintaining all types of blinds fabrics.

They will ensure that you receive ultimate quality tips and information for keeping your highly attractive and practical blinds in the best condition for long-term use and enjoyment.

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