Custom Curtains and Blinds: Your Best Option for a Stunning Master Bedroom

December 4, 2018

When designing or updating your master bedroom decor, choosing your new custom curtains or blinds is a major aspect of creating your new fashion statement for the room. Whether you have decided on an elegant classical style, a French country fashion or a sleek, contemporary minimalist mode of decor, the window treatments that you select […]

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Plantation Wooden Shutters for Bay Windows

November 26, 2018

Plantation shutters of natural timber installed on a bay window of your home can make a stunning lawn and curbside display. These attractive window treatments can enhance the visual appeal and the financial value or your residential property. These shutters are the ideal choice for window styles ranging from Victorian bay to new build box […]

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5 Reasons Why Roman Blinds are Perfect for Small Windows

November 8, 2018

Roman blinds are made from a piece of flat fabric with an attached lining that creates a sealed pocket with pull cords attached for raising and lowering this fabric envelope in pulley fashion. As a Roman blind is raised, its fabric folds, with each fold stacking on top of the one before it to form […]

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Advantages of Having Custom-Made Curtains

October 23, 2018

No home-decorating scheme is ever complete without enhancing your windows in an attractive fashion. While curtains come in a variety of stock sizes and materials, you do not always receive the best fit for your windows if you choose to go this route. Stock options limit your choices severely. To expand your possibilities, you should […]

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Matching Sheer Curtains and Drapes for Beautiful Bedroom Lighting

October 10, 2018

When choosing matching sheer curtains and drapes for stunning natural lighting through your bedroom windows, you will want to coordinate beautiful colours, textures and patterns in drapery fabric with elegant sheer curtain materials of fine quality. Depending on the overall decor styling of your bedroom, you may select different combinations of opaque, semi-sheer and sheer […]

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