Best Curtain Design Trends to Look Out for This 2020

January 23, 2020

Curtains are no longer just a means of protection against the light of the sun breaking through the windows and the prying eyes of strangers. Curtains have become an integral part of home decor. In 2020, designers and manufacturers of textiles give users a truly extensive selection of fabrics for sewing fashion curtains. Naturally, the fabric needs to be selected not only for reasons of fashion, but also in accordance with the stylistic interior solution. Below are the best curtain design trends to look out for this 2020.

Natural Materials

Natural materials are definitely in this 2020. Using materials such as silk and linen cotton are trendy and natural prints are gaining popularity. In addition to flax occupying the top positions, bamboo curtains are also in trend. Natural prints are becoming no less relevant – not only images of animals and plants, but also landscapes made in 3D techniques.

Saturated Tones

The trend of the coming year is the curtains of saturated tones. They look great next to beige, sand and pastel shades of wallpaper. At the same time, it is precisely single-layer curtains that are welcomed – multi-layering is gradually losing relevance. Choosing curtains of natural tones – beige, brown, green, blue and their shades, you can refresh the interior of any room.

Japanese and Roman Curtains

Japanese and Roman curtains remain no less relevant trend now. Cloth Japanese curtains, remotely resembling sliding doors much like in the manner of a wardrobe can be appropriate for the nursery. In addition to the convenience and comfort of use, such fashionable curtains boast excellent light transmission and the ability to soften too bright a solar glow. On the other hand, Roman curtains with an extensive fabric strip – whose length can be altered, can be appropriate for minimalist interiors. By purchasing Roman curtains for the living room or bedroom, you will give the rooms an elegant and comfortable aura.

French Curtains

French curtains have a way of creating an atmosphere of luxury and status. They are also deemed as the unrivalled standard of classic chic. Even if they look great in spacious rooms, in small rooms they can seem bulky. Curtains, whose structure is divided into distinctive sections with many flowing folds, are an ideal choice for studio apartments and large living rooms.

Oriental Style Curtains

Another trendy trend of the year is oriental-style curtains. Responding to the fashion of exotic interiors, among modern curtains this is the only option that accepts the presence of pelmets and multi-level cascades. Having beaten the windows in the room with exquisite curtains of golden cloth, decorated with calligraphic ornaments and intricate patterns, complemented by tassels and fringes, you will make the interior chic, worthy of the royal palace.

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