Benefits of Customised Roman Blinds for Bedrooms

March 11, 2021

Customised Roman blinds are in high demand for stylish bedroom window treatments today. Whether you need classic-elegant, casual-chic or country-cottage style blinds, there are fabrics, colours, textures and patterns to satisfy every preference and need. Cotton, cotton-polyester blends and canvas are all in vogue for these blinds. Other frequently requested fabric choices are linen, damask and Jacquard. These blinds are both fashionable and functional as easy-to-use window coverings that are stylish and durable.

Roman blinds are especially popular and useful for bedroom window dressings. In their closed position, they can block sunlight completely, and when raised to the open or partially open position, they admit as much natural light as you desire. Bright, colourful prints are available for children’s rooms, and myriad solid colours, patterns and designs are for sale for teen and adult bedroom blinds.

Each blinds style is designed to pleat easily when the blind is raised and flatten evenly when it is lowered again. Operated by mounting slats that are attached to cords on the blinds’ back fabric panelling, these window coverings are simple to use. Even small children can open and close them using the easily pulled cord.

Major Benefits of Installing Customised Roman Blinds in Bedrooms

Customised blinds can be made to fit virtually any size or shape window, and you can request the fabrics of your choice. By consulting our experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds in Campbellfield, Victoria, you can obtain excellent advice and services concerning designs, fabrics and installation of your custom-made Roman blinds.

Primary benefits of different styles in these attractive and convenient window treatments include the following:

• Flat Fold Blinds. These blinds are designed to pleat into neat, flat folds of material as they are raised. This creates an attractive, even row of fabric at the top of your window when the blinds are fully open. When lowered partly, the fabric unfolds to the extent needed to shield your room from outdoor light. When your blinds are once again in the fully closed position, the flat fabric lies smoothly against the window. These blinds are easy to operate by both children and adults, and they offer the exact amount of window coverage desired.

• Liner Blinds.
This style of blinds has a back lining of fabric that makes them more thick and opaque. They are designed to shield your bedroom more completely from direct sunlight and daylight in general. These custom-designed blinds can be made of whatever type and thickness of fabric that you choose, and they will fold neatly in pleats as they are raised.

• Blackout Liner Blinds. These blinds are made to completely block all outdoor light from entering your bedroom windows, even strong direct sunlight. They are especially helpful for people with nighttime work schedules who must sleep during the day. When these blinds are in the fully closed position, your bedroom will be in total darkness to encourage restful sleep.

• Corded Lift Blinds. These blinds are convenient and easy to raise and lower. They are recommended for children’s bedrooms since young children can easily operate these manual blinds by pulling on the cord near the windowsill level. If your youngsters are still quite small, you can order blinds with longer cords that reach lower than the windowsill.

• Cordless Lift Binds. These blinds are made with plastic or metal tabs or bars at the bottom for use in raising and lowering them manually. Their main advantage is that there are no cords attached that can become tangled or knotted from use over time.

• Automated Blinds. These auto-blinds can be operated simply and conveniently by remote control. With these blinds installed at your bedroom windows, you can raise and lower your blinds without getting out of bed with an easy tap of your remote device.


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