Basic Guide to Interior Window Shutters to Enhance Your Home’s Overall Ambience and Value

October 14, 2021

Interior window shutters add beauty and style to your room’s design and decor. Available in fabric, metal, wood and vinyl, they are a durable and desirable window treatment choice. When you install these attractive indoor shutters on the windows of your home, you are enhancing the overall allure and increasing the market value of your home.

Your window treatments are prominent elements of decor in your living spaces. Interior shutters are especially noticeable due to their creative designs and everyday use by members of your household.

Basic Guide to Interior Window Shutters for Enhancing Home Appeal and Value

Stylish and practical interior window shutters can complement and enhance your home’s overall ambience and value in the following ways:

  1. Plantation Shutters. These attractive window treatments are designed to admit the maximum amount of natural light into your rooms when open. When closed, they prevent outdoor heat and humidity from entering your home. The design of these shutters includes large louvres with plenty of space between them to enable you to view your lawns or gardens from indoors while providing good airflow for ventilation.
  1. Cafe Shutters. These shutter designs cover one-half of a window from the middle to the lower frame or sill. They are styled and named after the shutters used on the windows of French cafes. These shutters let plenty of natural light into the cafe while offering privacy and protection from the sun to patrons enjoying food and beverages while seated at tables.
  1. Tier-On-Tier Shutters. These shutters consist of two panels, one of which is hung above the other. The top and bottom sections of these shutters can be opened and closed separately or together, as desired or needed. If you like, you can close the bottom section for privacy and open the top section to admit natural light and fresh air with your window open. There may also be times when you want the bottom section open and the top closed to shield your room interior from the glare of direct sunlight.
  1. Tracked Shutters. These shutters are set on tracks at the window tops and bottoms to enable easy moving and folding to open and close them. They are an ideal design for installation on large windows, and they can also be useful as room dividers or temporary doors. When halfway open, fully open or completely closed, these window treatments offer a neat, orderly and attractive appearance. They add fashion and style to any type of room decor.

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