5 Reasons Why Roman Blinds are Perfect for Small Windows

November 8, 2018

Roman blinds are made from a piece of flat fabric with an attached lining that creates a sealed pocket with pull cords attached for raising and lowering this fabric envelope in pulley fashion. As a Roman blind is raised, its fabric folds, with each fold stacking on top of the one before it to form a series of smooth horizontal folds. As the blind is lowered, it unfolds into a flat piece of fabric again to cover a window.

Each fold or pleat is created by inserting a slim rod, or dowel, made of wood, plastic or metal, into channels. Sometimes these pleats are formed by tapes that are horizontally stitched on the fabric back at equal intervals. The operating cords are threaded vertically throughout the fabric’s length, through each channel or tape and secured to the last tape or channel at the bottom.

The threaded blind is then affixed to a timbre or metal header rail. The cords are then threaded through hooks in the header rail and joined at one side of the blind’s top to create a type of pulley system for raising and lowering the blind.

Five Reasons Why Roman Blinds Are Ideal as Small Window Treatments

Five major reasons why Roman blinds are perfect for use on small windows are as follows:

1. Allows More External Light.
– Roman blinds can admit more natural light from outside your small windows than some other window treatment types can. When they are mounted above a window recess, they hang further away from your window than Venetian blinds, roller blinds or curtains that are mounted inside the window recess. Window treatments that are near the window glass obstruct more light than these Roman blinds mounted outside the recess, farther from the window.

2. Operate as Space Savers. – Because of their style of operation, folding flatly into place as they are raised and lowering again into a single flat piece of fabric, Roman blinds are ideal for use on small windows, which are often located in limited space on walls, frequently with restricted access. Also, curtains, drapery or roller blinds would be too bulky on these small windows, requiring too much operating space in front and to the sides of these windows.

3. Created from One Fabric Piece. – Since they are made from a single piece of fabric, your Roman blinds will lie flat across the window recess to cover your small windows. Whether it is one dominant or gentle colour, boldly or lightly textured or neutral-coloured and smooth, your fabric blind will expand the size of the small window it covers visually. This can provide a pleasant decorative effect in a room that has only small sized windows.

4. Accommodate Limited Wall Space.
– Roman blinds can also be adapted to satisfy the requirements of limited wall space surrounding a small window. These blinds can be installed inside a window recess, if necessary, to avoid installation problems due to the lack of wall space around the small window.

5. Complement Architectural Window Details. – If there is a picture or dado rail mounted inside a small window recess, a Roman blind can be custom-designed to fit the available space, covering your window completely when lowered, but raising clear of the position of the rail or molding attached to the wall near the window.

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