5 Indications that You Need to Replace Your Window Shutters

April 29, 2021

Some homeowners consider window shutters to be necessary accessories to a home’s exterior decor. However, these durable yet stylish external window treatments offer protection for your windows during harsh storms and windy weather. They also help to reduce your energy bills by providing insulation from extreme temperatures in winter and summer.

Just like any other areas of your home’s exterior, your window shutters need regular cleaning or polishing and repairs as needed. Especially if you have small children, it is essential to ensure that older shutters are securely attached to window frames.

With regular care, you can prevent them from loosening and falling from your windows, which can cause injury to youngsters playing nearby. As long as your shutters require only general cleaning and repainting or refinishing from time to time, there is no need to replace them. 

Five Major Indications that It Is Time to Replace Your Window Shutters

 Five important signs that it is time for you to replace your current window shutters include the following:

  1. Worn and Shabby Shutters. If your window shutters have broken, splintered or warped panels or slats, they need replacing. Blistering or heavily peeling paint may be an indication of rotting wood or corroding metal underneath the paint. If careful examination of your shutters proves that either one of these conditions exists, you should shop for new shutters. 
  1. Damaged Lifting Mechanism. If it is becoming a struggle to open or close your window shutters, they may have a damaged lifting mechanism. Before long, your shutters may not operate at all. Another reason for this problem may be that your shutters were not installed correctly. Also, the slats may be too heavy or lengthy to operate using the currently installed mechanism. Now is the time to update your shutters.
  1. Freely Flapping Shutters. If your shutters flap back and forth in even a mild breeze, something is wrong. This may be a warning that one or both shutters have loosened and may become detached. 

Check your shutters for secure mounting each time that you clean them, refastening them to the wall if necessary. This issue may also indicate that these window treatments are not well fitted. You may want to consider investing in new customised shutters that will fit each window like a glove. 

  1. New Upgraded Windows. You may have recently upgraded to new and improved window designs. The measurements of these windows may be slightly different from the dimensions of your old windows. If this is the case, it is most likely best to order new custom-made shutters to ensure a perfect fit and avoid any future problems. 
  2. Fading Fashion and Style. When you realise that your shutters are outdated in style and appeal, you should start shopping for newer designs. Installing new shutter styles will not only lift your spirits but will also increase the curb appeal and market value of your home. 

By contacting our experienced professionals at Imaj Curtains and Blinds in Campbellfield Melbourne, Victoria, you will obtain valuable advice, designs and installation services for stylish and practical new window shutters. Our experts serve clients across Australia, and they will ensure that you select the perfect shutters to greatly enhance your windows and your home’s exterior appearance.


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