Shutter Blinds Care and Maintenance Tips for Longevity

August 23, 2021

Shutter blinds are attractive and practical window treatments for the rooms of your home. They enhance the style of your decor and can last for many years if well cleaned and maintained. Fashionable shutter blinds can also provide reliable security and privacy to ensure a quality home life for everyone in your household.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Shutter Blinds Longevity

Some helpful tips for the maintenance and care of your attractive shutter blinds to promote their longevity include the following:

  1. Use Recommended Equipment and Cleaners. Be sure to keep a few important items in your storage closet for cleaning and maintaining your shutter blinds. A reliable vacuum cleaner with varied attachments is essential. You also need strong microfiber cloths and effective cleaning detergent.

Shutter blinds made of solid wood are often more fragile than those made of synthetic materials. When cleaning these wooden shutters after vacuuming, use only a small amount of water and mild detergent.

If your faux wood or vinyl shutters need cleaning, make sure to rinse the cleaning detergent from the blinds surfaces thoroughly and wipe them dry with a clean cloth. This will prevent your blinds from staining or streaking.

  1. Follow Recommended Upkeep Procedures. Prior to cleaning your shutter blinds, remove your curtains or drapes from your windows. Gather your vacuum, cleaning supplies and accessories. Remember the difference and correct methods for cleaning wooden and faux wood or vinyl shutter blinds. Remember to clean any handles, cords and hardware connected to your window treatments as well.
  1. Apply Paint to Stained Shutter Blinds. If your shutter blinds are still sturdy and attractive but have spots and stains that will not wash away, paint your shutters. They will then look like new window treatments while you avoid the expense of purchasing new ones.

First, make sure that you understand the best way to paint shutter blinds of different types. If your shutters are composed of vinyl, you should use acrylic paint. Avoid using low-quality latex or oil-based varieties of paint since they may cause the vinyl to chip and crack.

High-calibre acrylic or oil-based paint can be used on wooden shutter blinds. On fabric blinds, use textile paint. You may find it helpful to use both spray-can paint and a paintbrush on these fabric surfaces.

  1. Know When to Replace Your Shutter Blinds. If the signs of wear-and-tear that are visible on your shutter blinds can be eliminated with regular cleaning and painting as needed, these blinds will still enhance your home’s appearance and your home life. However, if you cannot return your shutters to their original lustre and beauty with cleaning and regular maintenance, it is time to shop for stunning new shutter blinds for your home.

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