Prepare Your Home with Custom Made Cosy Winter Curtains

June 7, 2021

By preparing your home for the cold winter season with custom made cosy winter curtains, you can enjoy extra warmth throughout your home during cold weather. Curtains made from warm, substantial and closely woven fabrics can do wonders to increase and maintain warm temperatures in your rooms.

Even in older homes with windows that may have frames with worn insulation or cracked seals, warm winter-weight fabrics as curtains can prevent cold air from entering your home. Thick winter fabrics also add a cosy atmosphere to your rooms. Just looking at them can make you feel warmer and more secure during blustery winter days and snowstorms. 

Fabrics for Customised Winter Curtains for a Cosy, Warm Winter Home

Ideal fabrics for making customised cosy winter curtains to keep your home warm include the following:

• Closely Woven Wool. Beautiful woollen fabrics in rich and vibrant or soft, subtle colours can make highly fashionable and functional winter curtains. Your entire home can stay toasty warm with curtains of this type covering your windows. 

Wool is also easy to maintain and does not stain easily. Most curtains made of modern wool material can be washed by hand or by machine using mild detergent and a gentle cycle. 

• Nubby Weave Cotton. Heavyweight cotton weave fabric is a good choice for making winter-time curtains. Although these curtains will be lighter in weight and easier to hang than wool designs, they can effectively block cold air currents from outdoors. With these cotton curtains in attractive hues and patterns as stylish treatments for your windows, your home will stay cosy and comfortable throughout each cold spell. 

• Linen-Cotton Blend. Window curtains composed of attractive designs in a linen-cotton blend fabric are also good windbreakers for cold winter air currents. Even when the wind howls outside your home’s windows and doors on stormy nights, these curtains will protect your room interiors from the outdoor cold. 

• Polyester-Nylon Blend. Although many people think of synthetic fabrics as being thin and weak, a polyester and nylon blend can also keep your rooms warm and comfy during the winter. 

These synthetics are very tightly woven fabrics, and they can do a great job of keeping cold air from entering your home around your windows. These materials are also available in a wide array of designs, patterns and colour choices. 

• Velvet Curtains. For your stylish living room or entertaining area, we can offer chic velvet curtains for added warmth and beauty. Velvet may contain only natural fibres, or it may contain a synthetic blending fabric like polyester. Both natural and partially synthetic velvet will keep your rooms comfortably warm. 

By consulting our experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, Victoria, you can receive top-calibre advice, fabrics and curtain designs for your home. We specialise in a wide variety of curtain fabrics, textures and designs to satisfy our customers’ many and varied needs. 


Our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal warm fabrics to keep your rooms cosy and comfortable throughout the frosty or freezing winter months.

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