Panel Glide Blinds Advantages: When and Why Should You Use Them?

August 6, 2021

Panel glide blinds are as stylish and practical as contemporary window treatments and for excellent light control. Many consumers prefer to install these models rather than vertical blinds in homes and office settings. These attractive blinds are track-mounted and operate with the use of a simple wand, cord system or remote control.

Advantages of Using Panel Glide Blinds in Your Home or Business Setting

There are multiple good reasons for choosing to install panel glide blinds in your home, company offices or showroom. These reasons include the following:

  • Versatile Opening Options. These panel glide blinds can open from the right, left or centre. This makes them the perfect choice for use on large-size windows or sliding doors.
  • Convenient Space Savers. In the open position, the panels are stacked neatly behind one another. As they are closed, the blinds form an attractive window or glass door display that also offers excellent light filtering and privacy as needed.
  • Multiple Operating Options. Panel glide blinds can be operated by a convenient wand, by a cord and mechanism or as remotely controlled motorised blinds. Individuals with physical disabilities and small children can usually operate these gliding panels with ease.
  • Clean Window and Door Coverings. These blinds stay clean while they are in use. Since they are not exposed to dust and dirt from the outside and do not come in contact with screen doors, they only need occasional brushing or cleaning.
  • Varied Styles, Colours And Fabrics. Panel glide blinds are available in many different styles, colours and fabrics today. These versatile blinds designs can complement and enhance many different modes of interior decor. In addition, they are sold in standard or block-out material as desired.
  • Innovative Door and Window Treatment. This creative blinds design is ideal for large windows, sliding doors and bi-fold doors. The panel glide system provides a stylish way of ensuring protection from direct sunlight and providing complete privacy.
  • Versatile Items of Decor. These versatile and clever blinds can brighten and accent virtually any style of interior design and decor. From classic traditional to ultra-modern chic to minimalist interiors, panel glide blinds can add pleasing and sophisticated enhancements.
  • Attractive Room Dividers. If you have glass sliding doors in an area of your open plan living space, you can install colourful panel glide blinds on the doors. In this way, your blinds can serve as room dividers, separating two sections of this large space. This can be especially helpful if you have small children in your household who need a playroom. It is also a convenient way to provide practice space if you have young musicians at home.

When you consult our experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Victoria, you will receive excellent advice concerning panel glide blinds. Our experienced team can also provide the latest designs in these innovative blinds and offer full installation services to brighten and enhance your home or office setting. They will ensure that your new blinds fully meet and even exceed all of your desires, preferences and needs.

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