Care and Maintenance Tips for Light Coloured Sheer Curtains

September 10, 2021

Cleaning and maintenance for your light coloured sheer curtains takes some time and care. They need more gentle treatment than curtains and drapery made of thicker, less delicate fabrics. If you are not using the services of a professional cleaner for these attractive, sheer window treatments, use caution when caring for them. By doing so, you will be able to enjoy the beauty and style of your lightweight, airy curtains for long-term use.

Valuable Tips for the Care and Maintenance of Your Sheer Light-Coloured Curtains

The following tips and advice from experts will help you to clean and maintain your sheer light-coloured curtains with care to enhance their beauty and longevity:

  • Machine Washing. Unless your light coloured sheer curtains are made of delicate lace or silk brocade, it should be safe to machine wash them on a gentle or delicate cycle. Be sure to use an only mild detergent that is formulated for washing sheer, pastel fabrics. Your curtains should be hung while still wet for air drying. This will prevent wrinkling and eliminate the need for ironing or steaming before use. Avoid air-drying your curtains in direct sunlight to safeguard them from fading or streaking.
  • Stain Removal. Stains from ink, foods and beverages or common dirt and debris often collect on curtain fabrics. It can be difficult to remove these stains from sheer fabrics that are light in colour. You should refrain from rubbing these delicate curtain materials to remove spots and streaks. First, you should machine wash your curtains.

If stains are still visible after washing, use mild stain removers that are eco-friendly and gentle to fabrics. Never use stain removal solutions that are chemical-based since they can dull fabric colours.

  • Hand Washing. If you prefer to wash your sheer light-coloured curtains by hand, be sure to use a mild detergent that is free of chemicals. Combine your detergent with hot water and mix the solution evenly. Let your curtains soak in this solution so that the detergent can begin to clean the fabric.

The hot water will also rid your curtains of any pollutants that may have collected on their surfaces while your windows were open. After a few hours of soaking, gently wash your curtains, refraining from rubbing the fabric strongly. Then rinse the curtains in cool, clear water and hang them to air dry away from direct sunlight.

  • Routine Cleaning and Maintenance. To prevent the buildup of dust, dirt or allergens on your sheer curtain surfaces, take time to clean them on a regular schedule. Between washings, you should vacuum both sides of your curtains using the fabric attachment for your vacuum cleaner. Using a static duster attachment or a cloth duster will also keep your curtain fabrics free of dust and dirt between washings.

When using your vacuum, make sure it is on a low or gentle-clean setting. Most sheer light-coloured curtains need to be cleaned by a professional cleaning service about once a year to look their best. If your household includes small children or pets, your curtains may need professional cleaning more often.

By consulting our experts at Imaj Curtains and Blinds located in Campbellfield, Victoria, you can obtain excellent advice concerning care and maintenance for your light coloured sheer curtains. Our experienced professional team can also provide you with superb new fabrics and fashions whenever it is time to replace your curtains.

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